2018 Best-Selling Noise Cancelling Headphone Brands for Babies

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4An infant’s hearing is too sensitive, thus, high level of noises can damage his or her hearing or worse cause permanent ear injuries. Thus, you have to protect your baby’s hearing at all cost with the help of noise-canceling headphones. Noise canceling headphones are highly popular nowadays in the market particularly to parents who want the best for their toddlers or infants.


These types of earmuffs are designed for a specific purpose and that is to preserve the hearing of your precious one and protect him or her from possible hearing injuries due to high-level noises. Aside from protecting your baby’s hearing, noise-canceling headphones are excellent in preventing sensory overload to kids suffering from hyperactivity such as ADHD and autism. Babies with this condition are too sensitive to loud noises. Such type of environment causes them sensory overload making them irritant and loses concentration as well. Thus, if you want your baby to enjoy the first few years of his or her life, make sure to protect their hearing by using these top noise cancelling headphones for babies.


EM’S Hearing Protector Earmuffs


The EM is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing protectors for babies and newborn. Their earmuffs are specially designed for infants for their sensitive hearing. The Em’s baby noise canceling earmuffs is made of stretchy and soft fabric to avoid skin irritation. Moreover, the ear cups are engineered to feel comfortable especially in prolonged hours of use. Since newborns have tiny heads, the size of Em’s earmuffs is made extra tiny to fit well around the baby’s head. This product is available in six different colors and designs.


Peltor Junior Earmuffs


The Peltor Junior is one of the top-selling brands of noise-canceling headphones this year. It is highly sought out in the market due to its low price and good quality. This hearing protector can block out noises up to a scale of 22dB. This noise reduction range lessens does not completely cancel loud noises surrounding your baby, such scale allows your little one to hear and be attentive with mildly of the environment. The best thing about this brand is that Peltor Junior has special gel pads that cushion your baby’s ear. This feature guarantees that your baby remains comfortable and feels no pressure while wearing the headphone.


Baby Banz Hearing Protection


If your baby is aged between three months and up, this brand of hearing protection is an excellent option for you. Baby Banz is a lightweight earmuff and pretty convenient to carry since it has a foldable feature. Aside from the quality aesthetics of this product, Baby Banz is worth your money for this hearing protector can reduce noises up to 31dB. Thus, it completely blocks out any noises around your surroundings. Moreover, this earmuff brand has recently released hearing protection for babies with Bluetooth feature that lets you play soothing music or audiobooks to your baby. Your baby’s health and safety is a priority. Hence, learn more about the latest hearing protectors for infants and kids here at A Quiet House.

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