2020s Best Brand of 3D Printers for Miniatures

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3D printing is not a new thing. It has been around years back; however, only a few could avail such technology. Most individuals or rather, companies who utilize 3D printing are in the engineering and healthcare industry. Today, it is no longer the case. 3D printing has become a well-known and accessible technology.


If you are planning to delve into 3D printing service or use this technology on your business, the first step you have to do is invest a 3D printing machine. Now, searching for a 3D printer is not as easy as you might think. 3D printers are a great investment, and it is not cheap. Ensure that the printer you choose is worth spending your capital.

For a newbie in 3D printing, the safest route is looking for the most reliable 3D printer manufacturers. Pick out brands that have been on the industry longer than most with a great reputation.

And who are these manufacturers might be?

Learn more about them and read this 3d printer for miniatures guide first to assure a good investment.

#1 Sindoh Company

Sindoh is a well-known brand of 3D printers. It is one of the first manufacturers of 3D printers to exist. And now, it still stands as one of the most trusted creators of high-performing 3D printers.

One of their latest product lines is Sindoh DP200. This 3D printer has turned into a popular choice for beginners and professionals. The equipment is more advanced compared to the former Sindoh versions of 3D printers. Below is a list of DP200 top features.

  • Automatic unloading and loading of cartridges
  • Features clear 5-inch LCD monitor
  • Features simple bed leveling
  • Connectivity options

#2 Creatility

Creatility is one of the 3D printer manufacturers that support open-source coding. It entails that you can share plans and ideas with other users.

One thing you’ll notice with this 3D printer is the open printing area, unlike Sindoh with an enclosed printing section. Despite the dissimilarity, Creatility assures their 3D open-source printer is guaranteed safe to use.

Creatility open-source 3D printer has other great features which follow:

  • Features Bowden extruder for smooth and noiseless X-axis
  • Features a 12x12x12.5 inch operating board that is perfect for miniatures
  • Has V-slot wheels

Aside from the 3D open-source printer, Creatility also has other great options for professional 3D printing. One example of it is Comgrow Creality Ender 3D printer.


Do you have enough budget for a high-end 3D printer? If none, don’t fret. Here is a good option for you.

BIBO is a great pick for beginners in 3D printing. It is one of the most affordable options in the market with an impressive performance.

Unfortunately, BIBO is not the best looking 3D printer today. However, you can assure that it is very versatile and works well in printing miniatures.

One of BIBO’s budget-friendly but high-quality 3D printer is Extruder Printer. Aside from this, the Extruder 3D printer has a lot to offer, such as the following:

  • Features dual extruder
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Full-color screen
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

Where to Find More 3D Printers?

The above choices are only some of the best 3D printers to look forward to this year. If you want to check out other alternatives, go to Digi 3DVerse.

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