A Step-by-Sep Guide on How to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades

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Replacing a windshield wiper is simple and easy. There’s no need to spend money and hire someone else to do it for you. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to install windshield wipers.


Windshield wipers are important automotive accessories. These are necessary for safety while driving. It ensures the driver has enough visibility, especially when driving in heavy rain and snow.

Windshield wipers only last for a few years. Though the most durable windshield wiper can last for at least two years or more, exposure to sunlight, water, and poor maintenance drastically reduce its lifespan. Exposure to these elements and lack of proper care causes the wiper blades to get dull. When the wiper blades are no longer functional, they can do damage to your car windows, such as scratches, and cause poor visibility.

The moment you notice your windshield wiper is no longer performing well, immediately look for a replacement. Installing windshield wiper blades is not a difficult task. Most car owners do DIY installation instead of hiring professional help. If you are new to wiper blade installation, below is the step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Step #1: Look for the Part You Need to Replace

Take time to examine your windshield wipers. Are all the parts attached in one or is it detachable? Some windshield wipers are designed with rubber securely attached to the blade, while some are detachable. So, if your windshield wiper is the former, you need to replace the entire wiper even if the problem is the rubber.

Step #2: Purchase Windshield Wipers

After finding out the damaged part, you’ll have to buy first a windshield wiper before taking out the old ones. Make sure to know the specifications of your car. These specifications include car model, year, make, and type. You will need these details to find the correct car windshield wipers.

You can visit a physical store or go online. If you are confused about where to begin, you can check out these top windshield wipers this year together with their reviews. Reading product reviews will help you determine the best option for your automobile.

Step #3: Remove the Old Windshield Wiper

Pull the entire wiper and position it vertically. Afterward, turn the blade perpendicularly to the arm to see the hinge. On the side of the hinge is a small tab; try to pull it until you hear a snap. Notice that the blade will come off from the arm as you pull it down.

Now the blade is detached from the arms, make sure that the arms are positioned horizontally; if the wiper falls, it will scratch or cause a crack in your car windows.

Step #4: Install the New Windshield Wiper

To attach the new wiper, insert the arm to the correct hole. And by the time you insert the arm, the wiper is pushed up. Position the hinge perpendicularly and line up the arm’s hook so it will go over the hinge. As the arm is inserted into the hole, inline the hook over the hinge. Push it together until you hear a click.

Do the same to the other wiper.

Once you are done, try to test your newly-installed wipers if they work properly. Sometimes new wipers leave streaks on the windshield. If they do, wipe the streaks with a damp cloth. Also, run the damp rag on the wipers to remove the dirt.

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