Another Way of Getting that Sweet Treat

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Those who have sweet teeth are most likely oriented with whipped cream. Why wouldn’t they? Whipped cream makes a great topping for fruit servings and dessert; especially on cakes and ice cream, and the great thing is that the cream is open for experimentation. For example, Melange mit Schlagobers is the name given to the Viennese coffee house tradition that mixes whipped cream with coffee.


Whipped cream is usually made on a tabletop stand or mixer and a lot of people, if not all, use them to make the cream mixture. Making whipped cream may be a bit tiring but with such machines, they are a lot easier to do.

However, as much as you don’t want it to happen, you may not be able to make use of your trusty machines; maybe you’re not home and therefore you don’t have your appliances with you, or worse, they’re broken! Does this mean that you’ll have to put making whipped cream off?

Ingenious Ways

Prime Shop Kitchen says that you don’t have to! Offering guides, tips, and advices about your needs around the kitchen, Prime Shop Kitchen is particularly good with tips and reviews on kitchen blenders and what you can do with your blenders. They are suggesting that you use your blender when making whipped cream! It would be easier if you had an immersion, hand blender, or stick style, but whatever you have, you can still end up with awesome blender-prepared whipped cream. They have put substantial detail in what to do when using a blender in this post:

It is recommended that your cream is cold when getting put into the blender, as well as the other ingredients that you plan to put. Start with half of the desired amount of whipped cream to be made, because the mix will expand due to the air that it will gradually absorb as you mix it. If you can, make your blender bowl cold when you start; the colder the tools and the mix, the better the result. Set the other ingredients aside for later.

If you’re using a blender that has an integrated bowl instead of an immersion blender, remove the knob on the top of the blender to make the air get into the mix, because the mixture for the whipped cream needs a lot of air. Make sure that you won’t spill any of the whipped cream mix! It is the same when mixing it on a bowl; make sure that the bowl is deep enough to keep the mixture from spilling out. Prime Shop Kitchen says that you can get your kids to assist you in case of overflows and cleanups, because they’ll help you with eager spoons and more eager sweet teeth.

When activating the blender, make it spin in ten-second intervals; you’ll need to observe the mixture getting churned in the blender. Use a spoon to get the cream away from the blender blades. Continue this routine until you have that gorgeous, soft whipped cream consistency.

If you have other ingredients to put in, you can put them now. Some people have great ideas on what to put in the mix; coffee, fruits, and even sherry have been thrown into the whipped cream mix! Stir them together with a large spoon and watch as you blender-made whipped cream turns out to become as great that you would usually make with the usual food processor or stand mixer.

Now that you now know another way to get that whipped cream that you crave for, giving yourself a sweet reward doesn’t always have to take too much effort even if you don’t have the typical appliances and tools you are used to work with!

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