Beating Stress: Top Misconceptions about Video Games

Published November 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

There are a lot of stressors in anywhere you go that can make you feel anxious and frustrated; fortunately, there are a lot of ways to beat stress – one of them is playing video games.


Contrary to the negative feedbacks about video games, studies are proving that playing video games is beneficial too, especially when a person is under stress. To understand the significance between playing video games and stress why not find out more about it today?

Playing video games isn’t all about the negatives, but it can be beneficial too, especially when you try to beat stress. To clear out the reputation of several good and beneficial video games here are the top misconceptions about video games:

#1: Video games can cause gaming addiction

Last June of 2018, ‘gaming addiction’ was formally recognized by the WHO or World Health Organization as a diagnosable mental health condition. The decision had ignited arguments between two groups – scholars that agree with the decision and scholars who disapprove of such move, pointing out that the decision was made prematurely.

According to the second group, the checklist that was used to conclude that playing video games can cause addiction was derived from the original criteria of addiction. The idea of adding ‘gaming addiction’ may not be a bad idea but considering that there are video games that are less addictive and more interactive makes the definition of ‘gaming addiction’ unclear.

There are a lot of studies that suggest video games can help de-stress; what makes it addictive is the player’s inability to balance gaming hours and the time to attend to responsibilities.

#2: It can cause social isolation

Another misconception about video gaming is that all gamers are socially isolated. It is understandable that when a gamer starts to play the entire day they start to forget the outside world and it is no longer healthy and natural. However, this does not imply that all gamers are socially isolated. Some gamers play their favorite games to beat stress.

There is a huge effect of video gaming as a form of relaxation when a person is under stress; with the right game to play, it helps the mind to refocus. By playing a motivational and interactive video game, it rebuilds the pattern of the brain, allowing you to do a better job at decision-making, as well as, helps you become more productive.

#3: It is unhealthy

There is nothing wrong with playing a video game as a form of relaxation and to relieve stress. As mentioned, studies are pointing out that video games are beneficial too. Plus, not all gamers spend most of their time in front of their computers or mobile phones just to play, there are healthy gamers too.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with video gaming; what makes it wrong is the inability to balance the time between video gaming and attending to responsibilities. Plus, with the right video game to play, it is one of the best options to beat stress.

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