Best Compass Used for Survival

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5People nowadays are relying heavily on the advancements in technology that are affecting almost every detail in the world and in mankind. One example is the use of GPS, or Global Positioning System, as an effective way to acquire directions and may serve as a map as you go from one place to another, most especially if it is your first time to travel and explore. It is considered to be the modern map or compass because of its functions. Unfortunately, its helpfulness has limits because of its dependency on batteries and, in some cases, the internet.


The GPS can be used through a smartphone but it uses the mobile data to be able to do so and it relies on the power or battery of the smartphone itself. In some cases, there is a device that is primarily made to serve as a Global Positioning System and is commonly used by travelers and hikers. The disadvantage lies in the fact that it relies heavily on batteries, which are something you cannot just get in the woods or similarly related places.


Because of this, nothing can ever beat the usefulness of a survival compass. The advantages of having one have been overlooked for quite a long time. Not a lot of people have the realization and understanding of the importance of a survival compass, or any compass for that matter, during a life-threatening situation. Though many may claim that a compass is a compass regardless of its style and purpose, this particular equipment can still be classified based on its quality.


According to some, compasses can be classified into three, namely the smaller and cheap one which is commonly found at the end of key chains, the dry arrow type of compass, as well as the compass with a needle that floats in a liquid. There is no chance at all that traveling enthusiasts would recommend the first type because it seemed to be unreliable. The survival compass is considered to be the best option when hiking or hunting because of how efficient it can be, whether it has a dry needle or the one that floats in liquid. However, when looking for the most reliable survival compass, the type with floating needle in a liquid is much better and highly suggested.


When looking for the right survival compass for you, there are more things to consider aside from the type of needle. One of these is the size and weight of the compass itself. Though many tend to immediately assume that the bigger, the better, it is not applicable to a survival compass. This is because of the fact that the said equipment should be as small as possible in order not to add up to the bulk and load of whatever the person is bringing with him during the trip.


You can likewise bring the best compass for survival if it is waterproof as well as tested and proven to be highly durable. You can read on some of the reviews and feedback from previous users or owners of a particular survival compass to learn more about its quality.


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