BREATHING A BETTER AIR – Best Powerful Air Purifiers for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a syndrome that includes a wide range of symptoms such as headache, sneezing, and itching. Triggered by multiple causes, having this syndrome can be really disturbing.  Simple encounters with irritants like pollution, smoke, or anything of high dose of chemicals can easily make you sick, and ruins what could have been a good day. There weren’t really any reliable tests to diagnose MCS but fortunately, there are some air purifiers that will make this syndrome more tolerable. Designed to specifically remove particles from air indoors, you won’t go wrong with any of these powerful air purifiers that are best for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.


1. Allerair 6000 Exec UV Air Purifier

This round barrel shaped purifier comes on wheels that make it easy to move around and clean even up to 1800 square area. It does not only remove odors but also dust mites, viruses, and other particles that trigger allergies or asthma. Using only 95W of power, Allerair has three speed settings. The highest setting cleans the air as quickly as possible, while the lower setting is useful for a continuous flow of purified air for a peaceful and calm sleep.

2. Austin Air Healthmate Plus HM250

If you have anyone in your family who suffer from MCS or other allergies and asthma, then this purifier is perfect for you.  Austin Air HealthMate protects your home from strong odors and allergens that cause eyes, nose, and throat irritations. It uses a 350-degree filtering system that cleans by pulling air from all parts of the room into the purifier, in which the air goes through a four-stage filtration so that clean air blows out through the pocket vent. The best thing about this purifier is that, it is easy to use and maintain, and also comes with wheels for easier cleaning around.

3. Airpura C600

Specifically designed to deal with harmful airborne chemicals, Airpura cleans large areas by taking the air in through the inlets around the purifier and blows purified air through the top. It holds 3 different filters: pre-filter that collects large contaminants, carbon filter, and HEPA filter that absorb chemicals and eliminates the mold from the area. This user-friendly purifier is perfect for those who live in an environment that is heavily concentrated with pollution and chemical.

4. IQAir GCMultigas Air Purifier

This Swiss-made Air Purifier is ideal for removing household toxins and air chemicals. Structured to have bottom to top airflow, it has a huge air intake vent at the bottom and grille at the top that blows clean air. With amazing features like EvenFlow Diffuser and 3D Ultra Seal for 320-degree, non-leaking cleaning, and touchpad LCD display for easy control, QAir GCMultigas is did not become the company’s flagship product for nothing.

5. Blueair Classic 205

Aside from powerful filtration system that removes particles as tiny as 0.1 microns, this Blueair Classic uses smart technology that can be controlled using a mobile app. It also adjusts its noise depending if its night time where you want a peaceful sleep or day time when you want it to maximize its operation. The best thing about this purifier? It combines an activated carbon and HEPA filters, which are both antibacterial and recyclable using green materials.

These purifiers are guaranteed to make your life a bit better and MCS more tolerable with better air. If you want to know more about how it is possible, visit and see for yourself.

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