Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Electric Hand Planers

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Hand planers are one of the perfect finishing tools, where it is designed to smoothen the surface of the wood. However, choosing the right electric hand planers can be tough. If you are having a similar dilemma, below are some simple tips that might be helpful for you:

Tip #1: Choose according to its motors.

Checking the motor of the hand planers is one of the basics when choosing the right electric hand planers. Electric hand planers come in two different kinds – the universal motors and the induction motors. o Universal motors – These motors are lightweight compared to induction motors; generally, it is used for portable applications. o Induction motors – These expensive types of motors are much heavier but considerably sturdier and durable than the universal motors. Also, these are suitable for stationary jobs, industrial settings, and static installation. If you are to choose between the two, try to evaluate your woodworking skills and your project. If you are to use planers for simple woodworking projects, you may choose electric planers with universal motors.

Tip #2: Choosing between with cord or without a cord.

Sometimes confusion in buying products starts when choosing between a corded and cordless product, which is also similar when choosing the right electric hand planers. If you are having a dilemma in choosing between corded and cordless electric hand planers, here are some questions that you need to ask:

  • What is your current woodworking skill?

First-time woodworkers should choose portable machines, which means choosing electric hand planers should be portable as much as possible. Thus, it is much preferable to choose cordless hand planers because it will make you feel comfortable moving around.

  • Are you working on a simple or complicated woodworking project?

Corded electric hand planers are suitable for heavy-duty woodworking projects compared to non-corded brands. o Is your place wide enough? – If your woodworking place is too small, the best choice is cordless electric hand planers; this will help you move around without difficulties.

Tip #3: Choosing according to the blades

There are several types of electric hand planes but there are two types that stand the most – the carbide blades and the high-speed steel. A carbide bladed electric hand plane is one of the most popular hand planes because of its double sides and its sturdiness. Hand planes with high-speed steel are suitable for heavy-duty projects where it can smoothen lumber with nails.

Tip #4: Choosing according to the fences.

If you want to get a quality result, you should check on the planer’s fences. Before buying a planer, check if the fences are adjustable and work efficiently. Fences are attached guide that helps level your woodwork efficiently.

Tip #5: Read reviews online.

Reviews are the best tool when choosing the very best electric hand planers because it contains real-time and unbiased information about every brand of hand planers. Additionally, some reviews provide helpful advice when using the product efficiently. There are a lot of electric hand planers sold in the market, and choosing one can be challenging. If you are having this kind of dilemma, try reading more about the specification of every product sold in the market or use the above-given tips.

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