Common Home Cinema Sound Problems and How to Fix It

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You are excited to watch the movie you’ve been waiting for to release, and suddenly your home theater system doesn’t work! How should you fix it? Learn the common home cinema sound problems and know how to fix them right here. 

Home Cinema Sound Problems

Home theaters have a complex system. It has many wires, components, and settings to learn and understand. It’s no question why things could go wrong, especially when it comes to the audio quality of the equipment.

Learning more about this entertainment system will help you save more money from repairs and buying new ones. Below are the common sound issues people encounter with home cinema systems and how to troubleshoot them.

No. 1: The Speakers Do Not Produce Any Sound

Before fiddling with your sound system, make sure to turn off the equipment to avoid the risk of electric shock.

If you are not getting any sound from your home theater system, try to check the wire connections. Check the AV receiver if it is connected properly. When the speakers don’t produce any sound, many are quick to judge that the speakers have internal problems, when in fact, the issue is quite simple: an unconnected AV or a loose cable. If the cables are loosely attached, push them to tighten and secure their connection.

What if there is no loose wire or cable but the speakers still don’t create any sound? If nothing has changed, the next step is to revisit the system’s software. Check the settings menu and test the speaker settings displayed on the software. You can check the system’s manual for instructions, or you can call the manufacturer for guidelines.

No. 2: There is Static Coming from the Speakers 

A cable loosely connected from its socket causes the speakers to produce static. All you have to do is secure the loose connection and make sure to plug it in tightly.

If the problem persists, the next step is to locate the possible reason why the speakers have static. Switch the Blu-ray player or streaming serving service you are currently using with another. It could be the reason behind the static coming from the speakers. If not, check the power amplifier. Chances are, there is a loose connection between the amplifier and receiver.

If everything remains the same, there is a possibility that your speakers might have blown out from being mismatched with the power amplifier. In this case, you’ll have to buy a new set of speakers suitable for the amplifier you have. Hence, before making a decision, ensure that you are choosing the right speakers. You can go to Home Cinema Effect to find out the best home theater speakers this year.

No. 3: The Sound Quality is Bad

One of the reasons why your home theater sounds ‘off’ is due to speaker positioning. If you positioned the speakers correctly, but it keeps producing muffled sounds, the problem could be on the entire system or from one of the speakers.

Check the connections of the speakers. Make sure the positive on the back of the receiver is connected to positive, and negative to negative. Reversing the connection creates a muffled and thin sound. If the problem recurs, ask for help from a professional for diagnosis and repair.

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