Considerations When Choosing a French Press

Published January 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

1Coffee is never something without in a workplace. These days, it’s considered to be the go-to beverage for contemporary workforce when it comes to kick-starting their productivity or simply whenever they want to sip a cup or two during their breaks. Admittedly, it is almost necessary for most people to start their day right. Much like how a shower can make or break a person’s day, so does a cup of coffee in the morning.

Most people are used to the convenience of coffee coming from an automatic drip machine. But for the coffee aficionado who wants their coffee in its purest form and taste, a French press is practically a must. Coffee lovers who want to get the best out of their expensive coffee beans will most definitely find a good friend in a French press. However, for those who have absolutely no idea how to pick a good one, here are a few considerations to keep in mind to avoid buying low-quality presses.

  1. Materials

The material used for a French press can affect the flavor of the coffee produced from it. Obviously, the best material to shoot for is one that does not affect the flavor such as stainless steel. But the carafe should ideally be clear, so stainless steel is a material typically only reserved for the plunger of the press. Tempered glass is considered to be the middle option as it doesn’t affect the flavor yet has a tendency to break easily because of glass’s intrinsically brittle structure, even tempered glass. But then again, everything breaks if one is careless with everything. As much as possible, it’s not a good idea to go for plastic. A plunger made of plastic will crack sooner not later. And a carafe made of plastic can affect the coffee’s quality.

  1. Price

Another important thing to keep an eye out for when buying a French press is the price tag. Presses are, without a doubt, held to a high standard when it comes to precision. Coffee aficionados depend on this very precision to produce a flavor that’s near-perfect according to their own tastes every single time. Interestingly, even with this high demand for precision, French presses aren’t that expensive at all. The general rule is to avoid the cheapest ones as well as the most expensive of the bunch. Taking a deep look at manual coffee grinders for french press lovers also provides some insight on how coffee making equipment are priced fairly.

  1. Size

The size of a French press is absolutely important to consider before buying one. Any coffee lover will want a big carafe for that large batch of coffee which can last them an entire day. Unfortunately, too big of a press and the coffee might turn stale upon day’s end. Also, if there are just one or two coffee drinkers in the home, it’s not a sensible idea to buy a large press that’s meant to provide several cups of coffee fit for the whole family. Smaller sized presses might not look appealing, but they have the advantage of portability. Who doesn’t love taking freshly pressed coffee to work anyway?


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