Different Ways to Transfer Files from Old PC to New

Published June 30, 2020 in Uncategorized

Getting a new laptop loaded with many advanced feature is certainly a joy of another level. For a computer buff a gazette freak it certainly is an irresistible idea to have a new laptop or an advanced desktop. While the fun and excitement is always there, the switching from old laptop to new one may slightly get damped by thinking about the tedious ways one need to go through to transfer huge data stored in the old device. Let us now see what re the possible ways with which one can swiftly get the data transferred from the old to new device.

1. External hard drive: If you have the habit of storing your work in an external hard drive then you will find yourself in a happy spot. If not you can transfer all the data to an external hard drive and again load all those data on to the new laptop by simply plugging it in. This manual process need s your attention as you will be unplugging and plugging it to make the transfer happen.

2. Cloud storage: Similar to external hard drive, you can access the data if already stored in your cloud storage such as one drive, Google drive etc. If not you can upload it to the cloud storage account and download from there to your new laptop. This can be time consuming depending upon the speed of the internet connection and you may be charged for the internet usage.

3. Transfer cable: The transfer cable can help you transfer the data from one Windows PC to the other. Two simple USB male connecters at each end of the cable once plugged to the USB ports of both the laptops starts transferring the data in a hassle free manner and you must keep in mind that no back up is created in the process of transfer.

4. Laplink PCmover: It is an extension and advanced version of a Microsoft file transfer feature in the pre windows 10 version called “Easy transfer”. By simply connecting both the laptops to internet you can easily transfer all the required data from one laptop to the other. The software is available in different versions and its effectiveness depends upon the version of windows it is being used with. The Ultimate version is one of the most popular software of this sort and to know more about that you can Read Laplink PCmover ultimate 11 review. The software tries to almost make the new laptop look like the old one; still differences may be there owing to many technicalities involved.

5. Another easy way of transferring small files i.e., less than 250 MB in size fast and free is the flip transfer. You can go to the flip transfer website and drop the content over there. You will be allowed to download the same using another PC using the flip ID provided during the upload. But the catch here is that the files remain on their server for 24 hours only and whatever you need to transfer shall be done within those 24 hours only.

So, with these few tips, I guess you are ready to check out the new laptop.

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