Effective Way To Train Your Dog

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Why is it important to train your dog?

It is the same with why do people have to follow certain rules. Pets are the same; in order to have peace and order in one’s home, everyone should be in harmony with others and everything should be in its place. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend; every dog owner or dog lover will surely approve of this statement. With proper treatment and care, your dog can be your lifetime companion and can sometimes be the one to talk to if needed. They will only need your guidance in order to execute simple tasks properly.


Training does not mean inflicting pain to your pet for them to know which is right or wrong. There are other ways to train your dogs without hurting them. One of the most effective ways to train them is by use of rewards or treats. Some dog owners entice their pets with toys like stuffed animals or balls. Although these items are also effective reward when it comes to training, nothing will beat a small edible treat.

Every dog is different and some other dogs might not have the same progress to yours. This will obviously affect the way you should treat your dog upon training them. The question is how can you train your dog to execute simple commands and what are the best treat to entice them with? Found on this link https://trainingmybestfriend.com are some important information that may answer your questions in regards to training your own dog.

So what are the basic things you should know when training your dog?

Here are some simple tips you can follow on how to train a dog:

  1. Set a basic foundation before training your dog.
  2. Most professional dog trainers agree that using positive reinforcement or reward is the most effective way to train your dog properly. So you might need to look into the best rewards to give.
  3. Use games to train your dog. You might have seen in the television about this. Some professional dog trainers make use of simple games to make the training more fun and enticing. This will reduce the risk of your dog to be under stress.
  4. Make use of a schedule. Mark down your calendar on the days you should do extensive training and some days with light exercises. This way, you will get more progress. Also, it is important to write your dog’s progress. This way, you will see which routine is best for what command.

Now that you have laid out your plans, it is now time to decide what commands to do.

Normally, people will first teach their dogs on where to do their business; both pee and poop. Puppies in general are most likely the ones who are having more problems with this. That is why this is the first stage in training; the most basic one.  Next, is the leash or walk training. This stage, you will teach your dog the basics of obedience and patience. After these training, you can then start the training for other commands such as sit, stand, or play dead.

For a more detailed information regarding the best way to treat your dog in training, visit the ink aforementioned in this article.

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