Features to Check Before Buying a Pressure Washer

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The best way to learn about the reviews of different pressure washers is to read this post: https://directpowerdeals.com/best-budget-pressure-washers-for-your-home/. However, the following are few things that you can check when you walk in a store or when you browse around the web in various online stores.


  • The storage, how easy will the pressure washer be to store? Some pressure washers take up a lot of space than others and don’t be fooled that the size of the washer really matter; bigger is not always better!
  • Check if the machine has an onboard storage space which an allow you to store other accessories carefully so that you don’t end up losing equipment or finding extra space to store them.
  • How long is the hose pipe? Is it long enough to make your cleaning easy and can it be wound around the machine so that you don’t risk tripping over? This too is a great factor to look out for.
  • How mobile is the pressure washer? Can you manage to lift its weight and carry it around or is it to heavy to even push it. The pressure washers have different sizes of wheels but remember that wheels will not come in handy when you are moving the machine up or down the stairs.
  • Check the handles and try them, are they comfortable enough?
  • How easy is it to push or pull the machine? Some wheels are not well installed so they are not able to run freely when you push and pull the machine unless you stoop.
  • How comfy is the lance handle and the trigger? Remember that you will be holding these parts for long times so they need to be comfortable in your hands.

Are you supposed to buy a separate patio area?

Some pressure washers have their own patio cleaner attached on them, but this means that the cleaner comes with an extra cost on it. So is it worth?

Patio cleaners can come In handy when cleaning extensive patio or driveways. They make your cleaning easier and less messy than when you use a standard jet lance. The plastic cover placed on the nozzle helps in preventing dirty water from spraying all over. They are also quicker than the main lance.

Patios can be useful when cleaning paving made from blocks which are prone to blasting away the sand when exposed to water flowing with high pressures.

However, the patio cleaners have big differences in their performance effectiveness. Some problems that we have encountered with some patios are:

  • They can’t clean slabs so they leave moss and weeds in between .
  • They are quite uncomfortable to use since the cleaning head cannot glide over the surface.
  • They flip over when they hit a patch that is uneven so it can be difficult to maneuver.

Basing on the afore explained, you can decide if you will still need to spend an extra coin on your pressure washer because of the patio cleaner that is fitted basing on your needs and preferences.

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