Find Out if Laser Hair Removal is Safe

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Some people believe that laser hair removal causes skin cancer. But, is that true? Laser hair removal does not cause cancer. The procedure is safe.


Researchers have researched for over twenty-five years to come up with this conclusion. From the research findings, there is a direct link between the use by users and cancer.

Read this article to find out if laser hair removal is safe

There are two lasers machines used in hair removal; IPL and lasers.

Many people doubt the safety of laser on the skin. Apart from the fear of cancer, some people fear general harm the device can cause on one’s skin. Different lasers are suitable for different skin types. There lasers for dark skin only, and cannot be used on light skin. Therefore, as much as you worry about your safety, it’s better to be safe than sorry. No given device is 100% safe. Each human-made object has both the benefits and the shortcomings.

Most laser brands have a locking mechanism that comes to effect when an unfit skin type is detected. This measure ensure the device can only be used to the correct skin and hair type.

To ultimately be sure that the laser is suitable for you can observe any abnormal signs after use. If you see or feel something is amiss, then you should stop using it. Some of the signs to look out for include; swelling, blistering, redness and discoloration.

Other side affects you may experience when using laser treatment include; discomfort, itchy, and feeling pain. The signs are temporary and go away on their own. However, there are home remedies you can do for relief. These remedies include;

  • To prevent the above signs from appearing or becoming severe, you should stay away from sun. You will heal very fast.
  • FDA warns the users of using numbing creams. The numbing creams are good, but they should be used in moderation. It’s possible to hurt yourself without your knowledge.
  • You should use the lasers properly and manage the accidental injuries well. In case you are not sure about the safety of the procedure, you should consult a dermatologist for guidance.
  • Application of sun cream a few days before treatment. The sun cream will help in reducing the burn-feeling.
  • Apply soothing gels after hair removal to prevent inflammations that are common.
  • To minimize itchiness, you can treat the area with cold compresses or Aloe Vera gel.
  • Despite the above side effects and reaction to laser treatment, the procedure is very safe and suitable for sensitive areas like the face. Many people are careful of what they do to their faces. When a procedure goes wrong, it is open for all to see. But, this technique has been tested. You should however protect the eyes when using it on your face.


Always observe your skin before and after laser procedure to notice any changes that may require your attention. Every part of the body is essential. Therefore, you can’t carefully treat some parts and neglect others. The same way you will handle your face, feel every other body part likewise.

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