Five Essential Qualities of a Cordless Drill

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1A cordless drill offers convenience in all task involving drilling holes and fixing materials. It is one of the reasons why cordless dry is the leading must-have tool for households. Handpicking a cordless drill is a little baffling especially for first-time buyers. Thus, as a support for newbies in choosing a cordless drill, know the five essential aspects of the best cordless drill in the market today.


Drill Power


One of the first things you have to know before buying a cordless drill is the tool’s amount power. The functionality of a drill rests on the power it produces. Always take into your mind that the higher the power of a drill has the more function it can offer. It is easy to identify a drill’s power. The voltage of this equipment is parallel to its power. For professional users, 18 volts drills are preferable since this tool can handle both simple and tough jobs. Voltage output that is lesser than 18 is not suitable for heavy duty drilling. Despite this fact, it does not entail that drills with lesser voltage are of no use. You can still use them but only for minimal and lighter work.


Drill Speed


Another important aspect of a drill next to power is its speed. A drill has either a dual speed setting or a single control. A drill with dual control has two varying speeds, one lower (0-400 rpm) and one that is higher (1,000 to 1, 500 rpm). On the other hand, a single speed setting control has only one-speed range which is usually 0 to 700 rpm. The purpose of low drill speed is aimed to apply greater rotation force when driving screws, whereas high-speed settings are utilized for tough drilling purposes.


Ergonomically Designed


There’s nothing sweeter than a cordless drill with fantastic unique features and feels comfortable to use. Most drills in the market appear to be bulky, large and heavy. Using this type of drill is a burden especially if you are going to work in prolonged hours. Thus, if you want to work with ease and fast without your hands feeling exhausted, then use an ergonomic cordless drill. This type of drill allows you to have a sure grip on the tool and to prevent accidents. Also, they are a lightweight compared to regular drills.


Features XPT


What is an XPT? This acronym stands for Extreme Protection Technology feature. You should consider a drill with this feature. An XPT cordless drill is made resistant to water and various outdoor conditions. Hence, this technology protects your drill by preventing it to rust and guarantees long-term use.


Long Battery Life


Do you want to work on your projects without interruption? Then, choose a cordless drill with a long battery life. For new users, it is highly advised to get a drill that is Lithium-ion battery powered. This type of battery can work for long hours and consumes at least an hour of charging. Moreover, it is lighter and allows high performance of the tool.


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