Five Facts Why You Should Upgrade to LED Headlights

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As the automotive lighting industry keeps on advancing, more and more car owners are switching to LED headlights. Should you participate in this hype? Find out the basic facts why you should consider upgrading to LED headlights. 
Upgrade to LED Headlights

What are LED Headlights? 

The concept of LED technology has been around for decades. However, it was restricted to colored LEDs, which are only useful for industrial and home use. By the year 1990, white LED lights were developed. It began to spread and in 2004, the automotive industry started using LEDs as headlights.

LED is an acronym for the light-emitting diode. It is a technology that utilizes diodes as semiconductors and forcing it to release light particles. Hence, LED lights are diode-based lighting units, which are slowly taking place in the traditional vehicle headlights.

How does it Work? 

Electroluminescence is the functioning principle behind LED technology. LED is a diode with two semiconductors attached. One side of the diode is positively charged, while the other is negatively charged.

In LED lights, electrons release photons then recombine with positively charged atoms. As it happens, the diodes release light particles thereby producing light. Coating the positive-negative junction with the right filter material allows an LED to produce any color of light.

Why Choose LED Headlights? 

There are many reasons why many car owners are now switching to LEDs. Find out these five basic facts about LED headlights and why you should consider it.

Fact #1: Energy Efficient 

LEDs are more energy-efficient compared to conventional automotive lighting. LED bulbs consume minimal electric current to produce light. Moreover, it warms up instantaneously compared to HID that usually takes 30 seconds to heat up. Hence, it does not require a huge initial surge to start-up, unlike conventional headlights that need high wattage.

Fact #2: Brightness

LED bulbs can produce above 2,000 lumens. A light output above 1000 is more than enough to shine the road. The high visibility it offers allows you to drive easily at night and spot objects on the ground. And despite having a high light output, LEDs produce no glare.

Fact #3: Dimmable 

If you have been using HID lights or traditional headlights, notice that these bulbs are not dimmable. LEDs are unique because of this feature. Bulbs with LED technology are dimmable by reducing the flow of electric current to the positive-negative junctions. However, this feature on LED headlights depends on the car manufacturer.

Fact #4: Shock and Vibration Resistant 

LED headlights are durable. It is neither fragile nor prone to breakage, of course, unless there is a strong collision. Moreover, LED headlights maintenance is not expensive. You can find out here the steps to adjust LED headlights and the techniques on how to fix common LED headlight problems.

Fact #5: Long Lifespan

This option has the longest lifespan in the automotive lighting industry. An LED light can last up to over 5,000 hours. And if your LED headlight burns out, you can replace it with another one following the correct steps in installing LED headlights.

LED headlights are budget-friendly. You can guarantee that you are getting the best value for your money with this option. You can check online sources to find out the best-LED headlights in the market that is suitable for your car.

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