Five Reasons Why You Need to Carry an EDC Flashlight

Published January 7, 2021 in Uncategorized

Every EDC flashlight advocate would say this tool is a necessity. But why you do need to carry one? Find out the reasons why you should consider carrying an EDC flashlight. 

EDC Flashlight

Flashlights underwent vast development over the past years. Today, you will find various types of flashlights each one having a specific function. These advancements transformed flashlights into one of the most valuable multi-purpose tools rather than a simple device for illumination.

Every-day-carry flashlight (EDC) is one of the simplest yet most functional lighting devices. A conventional flashlight is big and bulky. Meanwhile, the EDC is smaller and designed for convenience. Carrying an EDC at all times has its benefits. Here are the reasons why you must consider purchasing one.

#1 Daily Utility

A flashlight is something you can use every day. It is the best source of light when walking at night or searching for objects in dark places. It can help you do simple tasks better and easier in places with poor illumination. For example, if you have to look for dropped items in a dark closet or under your bed, an EDC can provide enough light to help you find the missing objects.

Despite being smaller compared to a tactical flashlight, EDC generates impressive brightness. It produces sufficient light to perform minor tasks. On the other hand, more advanced EDC flashlights have higher lumens. For instance, the brightest flashlights you can buy today offer both simple functions, as well as for emergency use.

#2 Available in Different Sizes

EDC comes in a wide variety of sizes. Some are small enough to fit in a purse, while others are bigger but still fits bags with limited space.

If you prefer an EDC for day-to-day use, the market offers pocket-sized EDCs that you can also use as a key chain. It is light and portable since you can keep it in your pocket or wear it as a necklace.

#3 Emergency

EDC flashlights are useful during emergencies. You can use it to gain attention when you need help. For example, if you had an accident and have no one to ask for help, you can flash the light on and off to signal for help. Hence, it increases the chances of quick rescue and reduces the risk of fatal accidents.

#4 A Self-Defense Tool

A flashlight is one of the primary self-defense weapons. An EDC with high lumens generates blinding light that could stop any attacker. You can use it to give you more time to escape. Moreover, flashlights come in a hard casing, which you can utilize as a striking weapon.

Carrying a flashlight can also prevent fights. It allows you to recognize the attacker, and the strobe feature of EDCs is disorienting.

#5 Safe to Carry

When you are traveling from one city or country to another, it is always safe to carry a self-defense weapon. Unfortunately, there are countries or states that are allowing their residents to carry a gun or knife, despite the guise of self-defense. On the other hand, a flashlight is legal to carry in every state. It is an excellent choice for a self-defense weapon, and you won’t encounter legal issues by carrying such a tool.

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