Five Things to Remember Before Buying Magic Mushrooms

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Magic mushroom, or shrooms as many calls it, is a psychedelic substance. Shrooms contain psilocybin, which is a hallucinogenic compound that induces euphoric effects. As of now, the magic mushroom is a popular psychedelic drug. Various online sources will tell you the potential uses and benefits of this compound.

Magic Mushrooms

If you are planning to buy or use a magic mushroom, you need to know that this substance is illegal in Canada. Farming, growing, selling, buying, and using shrooms have legal consequences. However, the government allows the use of shrooms only for clinical trials, studies, and medicinal use with the aid of a medical professional.

Honestly, shrooms are easy to buy and accessible. But buyers, especially beginners, must know how to pick the right magic mushroom. Below are pieces of advice on how to buy shrooms online.

#1 There are Different Types of Magic Mushrooms

If you are new to shrooms, one thing you must know is that this mushroom comes in a wide variety. There are approximately 108 types of magic mushrooms, and each one has different levels of potency. Some contain low levels of psilocybin, whereas others are twelve times more potent that it can lead to poisoning.

You need to be aware of the different types of shrooms and learn their potency. Beginners are advised to choose shrooms with lower potency, to prevent the risk of ‘bad trips’ and dependence.

#2 Ways to Consume Magic Mushrooms

You can find freshly-dried shrooms in dispensaries. But if you are fond of its taste, you can select other magic mushroom products. It is available in capsule form and edibles. But before you buy any shroom products, always check out its potency and the type of magic mushroom used.

#3 Learn How to do Micro-Dosing

Experts suggest a specific amount of shroom for certain conditions. For instance, 0.2 to 0.5 grams of dried shroom helps improve creativity and reduce anxiety without prompting psychoactive effects. Meanwhile, high dosages of shrooms, starting from 3 grams and more, can lead to intense hallucinations, loss of sensations, and disappearance of perception of reality.

The best way to avoid the risks of shrooms is by micro-dosing. It allows you to experience the benefits of substance without affecting both your physical and mental functions.

#4 Find the Right Online Dispensary

Pick a reliable and well-established shroom online dispensary. Although you can find shroom distributors either near you or online, make sure to choose one that sells fresh and high-quality magic mushrooms.

One example of a recognized shroom dispensary in Canada is The Fun Guys. They have a wide collection of shroom products, from fresh to capsules and edibles. Likewise, they provide advice for beginners through their website. You can learn more about them here.

#5 Seek an Expert’s Advice

Take note that shrooms can be dangerous when used wrongly. Beginners must educate themselves about the substance and the correct way to use it; as much as possible, consult an expert on this matter to prevent any risks.

More Thoughts

Indeed, shrooms can be beneficial, but they also have risks. You have to careful and smart when buying this substance. Also, don’t forget to ask for help from reliable sources to prevent bad experiences.

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