Fixed Blade Knife versus Folding Knife

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Tools that designed to make life easier are heaven sent. There are simple tasks that can turn out to be very difficult without the help of a tool. For instance, can you imagine how hard it would be to cut meat without the help of a knife? There are different types of tasks that people engage and the right tools are always essential so as to improve on efficiency. You can go through this good review of the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion before you get yourself a hunting knife.


A folding knife is more efficient when it comes to simple tasks such as opening boxes, whittling, and carving. This is because these duties are not demanding on the lever and are straightforward. The best thing about folding knives is that they are lightweight and therefore easy to carry.

The fixed blade is meant for those that have heavy tasks such as cutting meat or skinning animals. This knife is apparently heavier than a folding knife. The lack of folding parts makes it more durable.

Folding knives are designed with a case that surrounds the blade and it should always be kept clean. So as to make it more durable it advisable that you oil the pivot screw periodically. Failure to do this will make the knife to rust and it will eventually break. There are many people that use folding knives for wrong reasons. It should not be used to replace a screwdriver. Using it for this purpose in most cases makes the tip of the knife to break.

You are already aware that using tools for the purpose that they are not meant for can cause an accident that lead to severe injury. There still some knives that can be termed as multipurpose since they can be used to perform many tasks. You should always be careful when using knives regardless of whether they are multipurpose or specialized for certain activities.

The good thing about folding knives is that they are usually very easy to conceal and carry around. You can actually carry this knife without anyone noticing that you have it. It is important to note that there are some laws that limit people from carrying around a knife that is larger than the specified size. For example, in some counties, no one is permitted to carry a knife that is more than 6 inches. Consider what the law has to say about knives before you get yourself a folding knife. Those that want to engage in hunting activities should simply go for fixed blade knives that are serrated.

As you already are aware, you get what you pay for. This applies to knives as well. If you are looking for a good quality knife you should also be willing to meet its price. There is no knife that is perfect, however, and therefore you can decide to compromise some of your expectations so as to get the one that can fit into your budget. The important thing is that you take care of your knife properly. A well cared for knife will be of great value to you if it serves you a long time.

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