Food Processors: Making Unique Dishes Easy

Published December 31, 2014 in Home Appliance

Food Processors: Making Unique Dishes EasyIf you’ve ever been to a Thai or Indian restaurant, there’s a good chance you’ve tried curry. After all, it’s usually one of the cheaper (and easier to pronounce) options on the menu! You’ve also probably noticed that there are many different variations of curry, depending on the sauce, veg-etables, and spiciness. It’s an exotic, flavorful dish…and you can make it in your own kitchen, with the help of a standard food processor.

It’s inarguable: food processors have changed our lives for the better. There’s no longer a need to chop, mash, and mix by hand, which often results in lumpy or inconsistent results. Food pro-cessors take care of this for us with the touch of a button. The options are pretty limitless. You can whip up your own juice, protein shakes, soups, dip, and more.

Hummus is a good example of a once-exotic dish, now commonly made with a few simple steps in a food processor. This flavorful dip can be made in the simplest of processors, and it’s not the only thing. Curry is easy to make with a food processor, and the rice to go with it can be pre-pared quite easily in any rice cooker. The internet is full of easy curry recipes—they’re definitely worth a look!

The exoticness of curry and hummus is now pretty debatable; after all, they’re so common and attainable nowadays. But there are a ton of different things you can make in your food proces-sor—some of which, you may not have heard of. For instance, ma’moul, which is a popular Jewish cookie, is easily homemade with a little know-how and the help of a food processor. And no matter what your food preferences are—Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, African, Italian, or just plain old American comfort food—you’ll be able to find a relatively easy recipe for nearly any kind of soup. Moroccan pumpkin soup is delicious, healthy, and simple. Or, you might try making krupnik (a Polish soup). These recipes are easily obtainable online via others who are passionate about cooking with their food processors.

Today’s technology has allowed us to change the way we eat, which has allowed us to eat bet-ter. Why would you want to spend money eating take-out junk every night (which contributes to enough health problems on its own) when you could be spending that same money to try your hand at creating your own dishes? Not only are there a ton of easy recipes out there—there’s a ton of healthier options! There is no longer any reason to feel like you’ll never be able to try all the exotic cuisines of the world. Think of what technology will make possible for us in the future of cooking!

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