For Coffee Lovers: Portable French press Coffee

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Study says that an estimate of 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. You could conclude that it is indeed the most popular drink in the world. It contains caffeine which is the number one energy booster. It is known as the productive drink. Almost everyone starts their day with a cup of coffee; drinking a cup of coffee while reading a book or newspaper is a worthwhile experience. Coffee could help you awake while doing projects in late nights. Also, coffee talks with friends are precious or it could keep you going while in the work whole throughout the day. Thus, you could conclude that drinking coffee is an integral part of your lives.


Health Benefits You Can Get From Coffee

Drinking coffee is more than just consumption or energy boost. It has lots of health benefits. Aside from caffeine, coffee also contains other useful nutrients such riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), magnesium, potassium and other various phenolic compounds or antioxidants. Research says that drinking the right amount of coffee or specifically three to four cups a day could contribute positive impact on your health. Some possible benefits are: protection against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, prevention of liver disease such as liver cancer and improvement in the overall health of our hearts.

Lots of coffee shops offer wide variety of delicious coffee. One couldn’t deny the fact that everyone loves coffee but it is also not a secret that coffee could be expensive. People tend to spend more that could be reflected in a study that claims that millennial spend more on coffee than life insurances. It simply shows that your coffee consumption could and is a big part of your budget so it is best to find ways for cost efficient options.

Brewing Your Coffee at Home

Doing your own coffee instead of buying is one great way to save. Aside from buying your own coffee beans, investing with quality equipment for brewing is also a must. Brewing your own coffee at home is a good choice; freshly brewed coffee taste better. Thanks to competitive market and advancement in technology nowadays, lots of revolution and in coffee making process have been made available.

One significant innovation in this area is the portable French press. You could refer to this link: when you are looking for portable French press coffee on the go.

Found in is an article that provides review of the best French Press in the market.  As an overview to the readers, the top three portable French Presses are the following:

  1. CuppaPress Travel French Press Mug
  2. GSI Outdoors Javapress
  3. Jumpin’ Bean Travel French Press.

Each of the mentioned products was explained in detailed in the article. All of the pros and cons were sighted for better judgment and guide buyer for future purchase. A direct link wherein consumer could buy the product was also stated in the article. Finally, the final verdict of the best portable French press was also presented in the article. If readers want to share the said article, they could easily spread with different social media platform by simply clicking designated share buttons.

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