Four Reasons Why Trust Cuddl Duds

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3One of the leading brands of comforters in the market is Cuddl Duds. For these past years, they have been providing quality extraordinary comforters. If doubtful, here are some countless of reasons why you must trust Cuddl Duds, five of it are listed below.

High Thread Count

A comforter’s quality has something to do with its thread count. The finest comforters that provide warmth and luxurious feeling as you sleep have a high thread count. It is the reason why when you plan to buy a comforter, the first thing that you must check is the thread count of the comforter and the materials.

Comfortable comforters are usually manufactured from pure cotton for extra softness and quality. Most comforters created by Cuddl Duds come from pure cotton with high thread count. For instance, Cuddl Duds King Comforter is a Level 4 down with 450 thread count whereas its second best-selling comforter, the Down Comforter is Level 3 400 thread count.

Type of Power Fill

Second, from thread count, another thing you have to consider before buying a comforter is the type of power fill it contains. A power fill is what secures the heat which a comforter provides to users. In addition, a power fill is a reason why some comforters are lightweight despite thickness while there are a few which appears thin but heavy to use. The Cuddl Duds use European power filling. Their best-seller King Comforter is loaded with pure European white down power filling which is why it feels light even it appears thick and heavy at one glance. Likewise, this comforter can make you warm during cold winter nights because of this content. Same goes for Cuddl Duds Down Comforter and Down All-Season Comforter.

Stitching Pattern

Not all buyers take notice of this, but a comforter’s stitching pattern can affect the warmth it produces as well as its quality. The best stitching pattern for comforters is baffle box. This type of stitches secures the power filling of the comforter and prevent is from moving inside. Cuddl Duds’ comforter has this of stitching. The baffle box stitching pattern of Cuddl Duds comforter is the reason why it provides more warmth compared to other comforter brands. You can read here for more info on why Cuddl Duds is worth your money and trust. If your goal is to find a fine comforter for cold nights, this brand is one of the leading products to choose.


Durable Materials


Comforters that are manufactured utilizing durable materials are washable friendly. They are less prone to tearing and shrinkage when washed. Therefore, investing in such type of comforter will save you from spending a lot of money in buying another one once it tears. The Cuddl Duds best-selling comforters are all created with durable materials. You can wash Cuddl Duds comforters by yourself, yet you have to avoid using bleach and chlorinated products to prevent ruining comforter’s fabric. Want to know more about Cuddl Duds? Visit My Bed Comforter.


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