Gaining More Muscles through these simple steps

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We all want to be healthy in order to live a good life. When we are fit, we are able to do most of the things that we need to do in order to survive easily. Fitness is one important thing that we people really need. We need fitness for our work. We need fitness in our day to day activities like groceries and traveling. You can still do these things even though you are not fit, yet it seems there is an added difficulty to it. It seems that these tasks become a burden to be done rather than a simple, needful thing.


One of the best activities that we can do to stay fit is exercise. When we exercise, we exert effort to keep our body healthy; although, there are a lot of reasons why people exercise. One of them is to lose some weight, in short, to burn off the excess fat in their body. This usually includes a lot of cardio workout to burn the fat. Other reasons for exercising are to build up muscle in our body. Doing this needs consistency and discipline in what we eat and do. Building muscle involves strength training, which is lifting weights for the specific parts of our body. After placing our muscles under stress, we then need to let our muscles rest to allow it time to heal and grow. Continue this process over and over again and then we slowly will build more muscle in our body. In gyms, there are different days for different groups of our muscles. This is to allow the muscles group time to rest. The usual ones are the Chest Days, Leg days, and so much more. Then you might ask yourself, if doing all of these things builds our muscles, what is building up our muscles?

Protein: The building blocks of our body

The ones in charge of building your muscles in your body is protein. Protein can be found in a lot of different foods but it can be usually be gained by eating meat and poultry. Proteins build up or repair the strain and stress we apply in your muscles after exercise and build up from there. They don’t just grow instantly; they take time and multiple repetitions.

Some people have the misconception that eating a lot of protein frequently will help them gain more muscles. But as scientists have researched and observed throughout the years that this is not the case. There are a lot of things that you need to do in order to absorb more protein in your body.  My Green Health Shop, a website dedicated to health and wellness, has an article that talks about how you can boost your protein absorption. They summarized it into 5 things that you need to do. They are considering the enzymes, the different kinds of proteins, the timing, your diet and your exercise. If you want to learn more about this, feel free to visit their website They have a lot of different troves of knowledge that is available for you.

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