Great Reasons to Switch to Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Published June 23, 2020 in Uncategorized

We are in 2020 and animal testing is still a huge problem. Even though there are numerous NGOs and famous people who militate for animal testing to be stopped, there still are around 100 million animals involved in such processes every single year. There simply isn’t no excuse for a cosmetics company to use animal testing; there are other, even better ways to make sure that a new product is safe for being released on the market and these companies should make the switch. If you use regular cosmetic products, you should also do the switch. Here are a few great reasons to convince you that you should do this as fast as possible.

1. Animal testing is, without any doubts, cruel. The animals are forced to live their entire lives in very small cages. Yes, they receive good food but this is not enough. Whenever they are introduced in a testing process, they can suffer anything from rashes to death in convulsions. It is a life of fear and suffering.

2. Animal testing has better alternatives. In vitro testing, for example, using cultured cell tissues, is a very good alternative to animal testing.

3. Companies can choose from a list of 7,000 safe ingredients in order to formulate new products. These ingredients don’t require more testing on animals because they already proved to be safe. Companies that still choose to test the ingredients contained by their new formulas simply want to come up with innovative ingredients for profit increase.

4. The animals used for tests are not just mice and rats. You might be fooled into thinking that cosmetic companies that proceed with animal testing processes only use rats and mice. False! They also use cats, dogs and even monkeys. For example, the number of Beagles used in animal testing is shocking; they are preferred for their docile nature.

5. There are thousands of cruelty-free companies out there, so there is plenty for you to choose from. Yes, there were days when the only cruelty-free product that you could buy was a patchouli lotion from your local store but we live in 2020 and we have lots of small businesses but also big brands that have gone cruelty-free.

6. Cruelty-free teaches you to buy less. How is this possible? Well, yes, the offer is diverse but it is not as diverse as the offer for cosmetics that have gone through animal testing. This means that you will be forced to be more thoughtful about your purchases and slowly but surely you will become more minimalistic. This is absolutely great!

Did we convince you that it truly is an excellent idea to turn your attention to cruelty-free cosmetics? If ‘’yes’’, then we are happy to tell you that there are a few companies that really deserve your attention. If you want to find out more about them, click here for details. The experts at Honest Lifestyle will help you with useful reviews and detailed information on some of the brands that deserve your attention the most.

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