Great Wine Coolers for Business this 2020

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As a business, stocking wine can be a bit of a problem, particularly when you don’t have a cellar. Building a cellar is quite costly, and some small business doesn’t have the budget for it. Then, how can small businesses like you create a proper wine storage room without spending a lot of cash?


What you need is a functional wine cooler.

A wine cooler is where you can storage the beverage to preserve its taste, quality and prevent damage as well. Take note that letting bottles of wine sit at room temperature can cause damage to the beverage. Heat and fluctuating humidity can lead to wine spoilage and premature aging. Moreover, the heat causes the cork to shrink, which will consequence in a sticky mess.

Storing wine inside a cooler assures the beverage is stored at the correct temperature. Ideally, all wines should be kept at cellar temperature, which is between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature 70 degrees Fahrenheit and above can damage wine.

What are the Best Wine Coolers for Business?

There are numerous wine coolers in the market today. To help you in looking for high-quality wine coolers, we researched the best under counter wine coolers for you. Here it is.

#1 Colzer Wine Cooler

First on the list is Colzer. This company is a well-known manufacturer of wine coolers. They have already produced several models and wine coolers for various purposes. And their top pick for home and commercial use is the Colzer 15 inches wine cooler.

This wine refrigerator has a capacity of 30 standard-sized wine bottles. The shelves, frame, and overall build of the cooler feature high-quality construction. It is durable and sturdy. Moreover, the spacing between each shelve is adjustable and removable to allow more room for the bottles.

The compressor of this wine cooler is noiseless. It also has a safety child lock.

#2 Kalamera Wine Cooler

Next on the list is Kalamera. If you are searching for a bigger wine cooler with a larger capacity, this option is a good bet.

Kalamera stores 40 wine bottles in different sizes; hence, you can keep your larger bottles of wine, like Pinot or champagne on the cooler. This wine cooler is a good investment for small businesses and wine collectors.

Another feature of Kalamera that attracts most buyers is its stunning design. It features a french-door style with glass doors. Moreover, it has a dual-zone thermostat that keeps the wine perfectly chilled.

Kalmaera also has a built-in alarm for safety.

#3 Northair Wine Cooler

Northair wine cooler is famous for its high-quality aesthetics. It is one of the most visually appealing options in the market. The cooler is impressively gorgeous and sleek. If you want to showcase your wine collection in style, this is a good pick.

Northair stores 24 bottles at a time. The wine racks are removable and adjustable, so you can keep different sizes of wine bottles. You can control the cooler’s temperature using its digital display.

Which among the above options will you choose?

If you want more details about these wine coolers, go to Perfect Wine Temp.

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