Guide in Choosing a Surveillance System for Your Business

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When you are putting up a business, you must also think about its safety and security. With that said, it is best that you also include in your budget a high-quality surveillance system. There is a lot to choose from on the market – different brands and price ranges. However, you should not go for the affordable ones. No matter what happens, choose something that is cost-efficient.

Below is a guide in purchasing a surveillance system for your business.


Factors to Consider in Buying Your Cameras

  • Audio

Some cameras have an audio recording feature – depending on the manufacturer of the product. There are models that can pick up while there are others that have a two-way audio system. It means that it can make it possible for the people watching the camera to communicate with the person in the camera’s view.

  • Lighting

Most security cameras nowadays can shoot in low-light infrared. It means that they can record a clear video even in dark environments or conditions. This type of camera relies on infrared LED lights. Those lights cover the dark areas to make them clear.

Humans cannot see this infrared light while the camera can reflect those wavelengths. As a result, the footage looks like the camera is shooting at an illuminated room. With that said, a camera with more numbers of infrared lights can see clearer during nighttime compared to other cameras.

If you are going to capture in a dark area, it is best that you get cameras with infrared LED lights.

  • Indoor/Outdoor

Different cameras have different features and purposes. Some are specifically built for indoor use, which means that you cannot use it outside. Aside from the harmful elements outside, it might not even stand up to the different emotions of Mother Nature.

If you are going to install a camera outside your building, it is recommended that you get an outdoor camera. It should be waterproof so that dirt and water would not interfere in any way with your footages. Something even worse can even happen – a broken camera.

However, you need to remember that security cameras have limited protection from different kinds of weather no matter how durable and waterproof they are. Make sure to understand what is the capacity of your camera and the level of protection that it possesses before purchasing it.

  • Models

There are a lot of security cameras in the market – literally! The most common is the rectangular ones that you can usually see protruding from a wall. There are also dome cameras that are installed on the ceiling and have a tinted cover. Another one is the pan-tilt-zoom camera that can be controlled through a remote to adjust the camera’s view.

The camera model that you are going to purchase depends on your personal preference and your business needs.

  • Resolution

You wouldn’t want a blurred image, would you? This one is pretty obvious. Make sure to buy a camera with at least 720p high definition resolution to ensure a clear image.

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