HASAKEE H1 – An FPV Drone You Should Check Out

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Before it has been popular for its photography and cinematography capabilities, drones have been around longer than people all think; making travelling and communication a lot easier. Technically, a drone is an unmanned aircraft. It started taking off as an unmanned aerial vehicle, improved into a use for military setting, and developed to what people use now for recreational purposes. Its definition has also essentially evolved as a robot that can fly autonomously and be controlled through some software, along with GPS and onboard sensors.


Nowadays, drones have a lot and different purposes and are helpful in numerous occasions, because one can opt to equip it with cameras, sensors, and other navigation systems. But little did the majority know that there is now a sport that involves these drones.

First-Person View or FPV Drone Racing is a sport where the participants control their drone, and strive to hover it around a set course as fast as possible. These participants, or mostly called pilots, use cameras to fly their drones but they stay on the ground. It can be either solo, or as a group but the goal is to go through the obstacles and beat the opponents. FPV Racing may be a race, but it is not only about the speed, but also about the ability of the pilots to maneuver their drones. Having begun as an underground sport, FPV racing first took off in empty car parks and some in forests. Now, there are already some organizations that create rules and regulations for the race, like MultiGP and Drone Racing League (DRL.)

Getting Started with FPV Racing

Before taking off with FPV Racing, it is important that you have all the right equipment. You will need a racing drone that includes the batteries, charger, and controller, goggles, and video receiver.  The main elements of this set up should be a drone that can go really fast, an FPV camera that is durable and has a high frame rate and wide view, and of course a good quality controller. As a beginner, your safety is still supposed to be your main priority. That’s why a few years ago, people began making FPV drones that are smaller that allows them to be more maneuverable. With this being said, Hasakee H1 can be one of the best options available in the market today.

Hasakee H1

FPV Racing Drones must have features that meet the standards set by the governing bodies and it may be difficult to find one that has these features but also affordable. Fortunately, there is this Hasakee H1 that you can have for less than 100$. It is the best choice for those who want to join this fun sport but don’t have much budget. It is designed specifically for beginners, making the flying experience a lot easier. It is equipped with flight assist features like 6-axis gyro stabilization technology that helps H1 fly smoothly despite bad weather conditions. The best thing about Hasakee H1 is it comes with “altitude hold” that uses air pressure sensor, holding the drone at a set height for clearer pictures. Also, it has one-touch take-off and landing, making it possible for the aircraft to have a full 360-degree turn with no effort.

Drone racing may be demanding but no one said you should spend a lot for it. With the budget and user-friendly Hasakee H1, you will surely not go wrong. For more details and information about how this drone exceeds the standard of FPV Authorities, check this Aerocritic’s review right here https://aerocritic.com/hasakee-h1-review/.

Aside from being user and budget friendly, this Hasakee H1 also exceeds the standards set by the authorities. For more details and information about this amazing drone, check this review from Aerocritic https://aerocritic.com/hasakee-h1-review/.

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