HighDistortion Fortnite Settings

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I am not certain that the mere fact that you’re reading this chronicle is sufficient grounds to believe that you know a lot in the game streaming and competition world. Let me mention something before going further. The world is not lack of professional Fortnite streamers, HighDistortion and Nickmercs have amazed the world by earning millions of followers on their social media platforms, courtesy of Fortnite streaming. They have won competitions and tournaments making millions of game fanatics to follow to emulate them or get entertained. The big question is whether they’re naturally superstars or they have learned how to diligently set correct settings. This is not what we’re focusing on here, nonetheless, we’re sure that correct set up is at least a factor in their success. For the sake of this article, allow me to focus on HighDistortion and his pro settings.

HighDistortion Fortnite settings have become increasingly popular since he won two tournaments with YpherPK and Nate Hill in 2018. Like any other Fortnite player, he must have set his game settings to the best of his knowledge. It’s apparent that sometimes the settings are unique to Fortnite players, that’s why we have many sets of settings. Not all players have had their settings popular like HighDistortion. This is because they haven’t outstandingly performed like him making details of their set up unattractive. In addition to the setup, you also need to thoroughly analyze HighDistortion Fortnite gear setup.

You now take notice that climbing up the ladder in gaming isn’t by chance but by design. You need to put in place the right setup and gear just like HighDistortion. If you are determined to join his league, then buy yourself a Fortnite account. However, purchasing of this account is technically illegal and a violation of Epic’s TOS, you need therefore to critique the risks you’re exposing yourself into and how it works. You risk being banned from the game when it will be realized that you bought the account. This means that you must be cautious in your purchase, we advise you to buy from an individual vendor to minimize the risk associated with many people being aware of your purchase. You can also buy from the official business sites like eBay, but beware you risk being caught if your details are scanned. I must inform you that if caught and petitioned, the seller can get back the account but you won’t be refunded your money, being a transaction of a digital asset.

While you’re still analyzing if it’s worthy to take the risk, beware that there are scams masquerading as authentic dealers, follow due diligence. There are advantages associated with the purchase of accounts, the likelihood that it will have access to Battle Pass to help you access the current season hence unlock unreleased rewards is music to your ears. Most accounts on sale are high level with unlocked premium skins, accounts with more unlocked skins are more expensive.

Having learned from HighDistortion’s pro settings, I believe you are up to the game. You could be the next superstar in town, but as I mentioned earlier, you must decide to then act aptly.

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