How to Make a Strong Woman Fall for You

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Women who have been single for too long, women who were able to build a strong wall, and strong-willed women, are hard to pursue. In fact, there have been several articles stating that women who have been single for too long and strong-willed women are the ones that are hardest to love.


If you are one of many men who don’t even dare to talk to a woman at a normal situation but want to pursue a woman who has a strong aura and have been single for too long, you need more than just luck.

Pursuing these types of women need more than sweet words; you need a strong and honest seduction gameplay. Fortunately, there are ways to break or melt the ice queen through these following useful tips on how to make a strong woman fall for you:

Tip #1: Start it slow

Women with a strong sense of will can easily detect a man who is a jerk. So, if you want to impress the girl who is surrounded by a strong aura, you should start slow. Get to know her at a slow pace; don’t act too hastily.

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Tip #2: Show how sincere you are

The meaning of sincerity for strong women is almost equivalent to security; if the guy is sincere, she knows she is in good hands. One of the reasons why strong single women can’t take the risk of falling in love with just anyone is because they become too tired of playing immature games that involve feelings.

How can you show you are sincere?

Be yourself, be on time, do what you have promised, and most importantly, try to appreciate even the tiniest things in her – she loves that too.

Tip #3: Be patient

If you are trying to make a strong-willed woman fall for you, heads-up, it will be a tiring battle of mind and emotions.

A strong-willed woman who has been single for too long will take time to open up to love again – it’ll be a tug of war of emotions. So, you have to be patient; however, to make the waiting worthwhile, you also need to be open about how you feel for her.

Final Thoughts

Action doesn’t speak louder than words; and when it comes to pursuing or dating a strong-willed woman or a woman who has been single for the longest time, you have to be patient, sincere, and take things slowly, because at the end of the day, if that woman starts to like you, expect a stronger love from her.

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