How to Properly Design Your Garden?

Published March 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

While it’s true that beautifully designed gardens are pleasing to the eyes, but if its design doesn’t accommodate the needs of the owner then it’s not a practical idea.

Remember that before you create and execute your plans, you must consult your family members first to assess their needs. Who knows? Maybe they have great ideas to contribute as well.

To make it easier for you, you should create a list of your preferred garden functions before you visualize your final plan. Some of the functions that you might want to include are firewood storage, children’s play area, lawn recreation, compost, vegetable garden, wind protection, dog pen, barbecue, clothesline, and sitting or dining area.

If you have quite a creative hand, you can draw a sketch and pinpoint the exact location of those functions in relation to your house.

For example, if you’re planning to create an outdoor eating area, it would be better to place it near the kitchen. Moreover, your firewood storage should be on the nearest door to the fireplace. Do you already get the idea?

Creating a relationship diagram would surely be a big help in your landscape designing plan. Aside from that, you should also consider the amount of maintenance time that you’re willing to commit to the functions that you want.

Here are additional tips that you can follow to create the right design for your garden:

  1. Create a functional sketch

Like what we mentioned earlier, you should create a sketch of the things that you want in your garden. Group the functions accordingly.

The entrance and the parking area of your home should go together. Well, that one is quite obvious, right?

You can use a sketch pad to carefully plan things. There should be a relationship between your indoor elements and outdoor stuff. Determine which door or windows should be connected to which.

If you have already created a list of the functions that you desire, you can start distinguishing the spaces that can properly accommodate them.

  1. Traffic Flow Design

You have to create a good traffic design by placing driveways, walks, and paths appropriately.

If you know that certain path would receive more traffic than others then you should ensure that it’s wider, more permanent, and sturdier than others.

In creating your entrance walks, you can provide an adequate space that could fit two people walking abreast. Well, that would be at least four to five feet.

While rear-entry and service paths should only be three to four feet wide.

Moreover, you should create a fantastic design for your garden paths to provide your visitors and also yourself with a comfortable feel while strolling in your yard. If you can, it’s recommended that you make mulch-covered paths or stepping-stone paths. Through those designs, you can easily access every corner of your yard during maintenance.

After you have implemented the design on your garden, you’d surely need a mower to maintain it. Read an article about the best mower blades here.

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