How to Weatherproof an Indoor Furniture for Outdoor Use

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The best way to revamp a patio and pergola is to add some wooden furniture. Placing a couple of wooden furniture on your patio will certainly boost its appeal. Moreover, you can have it as your stress-relieving haven.


If you are to add furniture outdoors, take note that indoor furniture is not built for such purpose. It is best to use outdoor furniture since it is designed using materials that are resistant to external elements such as moisture, insect attacks, and UV rays.

 But if you don’t have a budget to purchase a new set of outdoor furniture, there is still a way to transform your indoor furniture for outdoor use. All you need to do is know how to weatherproof wood.

Weatherproofing Indoor Furniture

Weatherproofing is a process that involves the use of substances designed to protect the wood from UV rays, humidity, frost, rain, and insect damage. Weatherproofing preserves the lifespan of wooden furniture. Furthermore, it enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

Weatherproofing indoor furniture is possible. Below is a step-by-step guide for making your indoor furniture suitable for outdoor use.

Step#1: Choose a Finish

Handpick a finish that is suitable for your furniture and outdoor use. Check the label if the finish can withstand moisture and UV rays. However, paint works better at protecting wooden furniture compared to a clear finish.

Aside from choosing a finish, find an oil-based or latex paint. It will strengthen the exterior finish and enhances the wood’s natural look.

Step#2: Sand the Furniture

Don’t apply the finish without sanding the surface. Sand it first, until you reach the bare wood. Sanding the furniture will allow the finish to seep into the material. Additionally, it supports a seamless finish.

Step#3: Seal the Surface

After sanding the wood, seal all the cracks on the furniture. Don’t forget to cover the bottoms of the legs and joints of the furniture. Sealing the cracks will provide extra protection to the furniture. Furthermore, it will prevent the wood from further damages.

Step#4: Apply the Finish

Once you’re done with sealing the cracks, the next step is to apply the finish. Make sure the finish is evenly spread on the surface. Don’t leave any crevice and cranny of the furniture uncoated. Leaving even a small part uncoated will make the wood vulnerable to elements.

Step#5: Recoat and Protect

Don’t settle for one coating. Recoat the furniture multiple times to create several layers of coating. Multiple layering will protect the wood from humidity, UV rays, and weather elements.

Take note that some finishes are slow-drying that you need to reapply the finish for several days. Hence, you’ll need a lot of patience recoating the wood.

The finish only serves as an extra coating of protection, which means, the indoor furniture is fully resistant to various outdoor elements. You still have to protect it as much as possible.

Do you need more details about weatherproofing?

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