How You Can Take Care of Your Bidet Toilet Seat

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1A bidet is made to handle your hygiene every time you use the toilet. It helps you clean your private parts and bottom thoroughly after relieving yourself. Some bidets also give you the comfort that you need when in the bathroom. Because of the many benefits you get from a bidet, you should also consider giving it the best care possible. Here are some ways you can take care of your bidet toilet seat and make it last longer.


Clean Your Bidet Seat Regularly


Since the toilet can be full of different bacteria, you would need to clean your bidet seat regularly to avoid spreading of various diseases. You would need to wipe the seat with cloth and water at least once a week. Be sure to clean underneath the seat as well. Although the nozzles of most modern models of bidets are self-cleaning, you would still need to remove some deposits or small particles that have attached themselves at the sides or at the mouth of the nozzles.


Be Gentle In Closing the Lid


Never slams the lid of the seat close. This would cause the plastic material to break or have cracks. It could also cause some wirings and connections to be detached. In some designs, the lids have hydraulics that would prevent the lid from closing immediately. With these types, do not force them to close. If you push it down, the mechanism might get damaged.


Use Water to Clean Your Bidet


Using a soft cloth and water is still the most recommended way to clean a bidet. Harsh chemicals from bleach or other cleaning solutions can damage the material the bidet is made of and can cause it to crack or become discolored. You can also use vinegar solution at times to remove tough stains on the seat.


Put the Remote in a Safe Place


The best place to put the remote is on the wall next to the toilet. This would avoid it from getting lost or getting wet. Make sure that kids do not play with the buttons, too. When the on/off buttons and other settings are constantly pressed, the remote might fail or the features on the bidet itself won’t work at all.


Make a Yearly Check Up On the Hoses And Wirings


You should inspect all the hoses that run to your bidet from the water lines. Make sure that there are no leaks or damages on them to avoid wasting water and malfunction. You would also need to see if the wires are still intact and out of danger.


Don’t Lose the Manual


Every product would come with a manual when you purchase them brand new. The manual is the key to troubleshooting and proper maintenance. Certain models might have different ways to be cleaned and maintained. Make sure that you still have the manual of your bidet, especially if you are not yet familiar with all its settings. When your bidet is not functioning properly, you could check the manual first for solutions before calling an expert to fix it. You can visit to know more about bidets and the top bidet seats in the market these days.

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