Important Things to Know About Aerobars

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1Triathlon is an activity that many people are becoming accustomed to. That is because of the fact that they are becoming more conscious of their physique and health. Such is also a great way for them to unwind and stay away from the normal stresses they encounter in life. However, in order to succeed in triathlon, one must have the right tools.

Aside from having the right bicycle, it is also imperative that triathlon enthusiast has aerobars, also known as tri-bars or clip-on aerobars. They are considered as extra handlebars or handlebar extensions.

Advantages of Using Aerobars

Aerobars are believed to improve the bike user’s aerodynamic position while cycling by changing the position of the upper body. Likewise, the user’s arms are also in-line with his or her torso. In addition, they are also helpful in making sure that pressure received by the wrists and hands are lowered, making the ride more comfortable. Such is owed to the fact that the item allows the arm to rest well.

Nevertheless, they are more suited for short-distance cycling; hence, most of them have been designed to be removable.

The benefits that can be gained from having aerobars mentioned in this post are undeniably something to look forward to. However, such can only be achieved if the user has properly installed and positioned the product in his or her bike’s handlebars.

Installing Aerobars

The stem at which the handlebar attaches to is one of the things that people should look into when planning to install aerobars. According to experts, each side should have a space ranging from two to three centimeters. In general, aerobars have two each of elbow pads and straight bars. They usually extend in a parallel position to the top tube of the bike’s handlebar center. These should be placed in a way that there is no tilt present. Meaning, the arms should be comparable to the ground.

Clip-style aerobars will be easy to install since their hex bolts just need to be tightened and loosened using an Allen wrench. On the other hand, those that are equipped with a set of bullhorn-style handlebars have cables that need to be rewired to the bike’s brakes and shifters.

Proper Body Part Positions

If the aerobars are installed properly, the different parts of the body are positioned properly when the user rides the bike. The angle made between the legs and the torso, as well as the upper and lower arms, of the biker should be about 90 degrees.

As mentioned by some experts, this angle is required for the biker to be more efficient since power level transferred to the pedals is higher. Also, it will reduce the wind resistance received by the biker’s chest.

Final Thoughts

Properly installing aerobars to a bike is essential to help bikers perform better. However, there will be times wherein the items should be removed from the bike, especially during long-distance cycling activities. Hence, people should make sure that they buy one that they can easily attach and detach.


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