Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker: Top Things You Need to Know

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Why waste your money to buy a cup of coffee that you probably can make?

Well, these famous coffee shops have something to offer that you can’t easily make at home; however, there’s a way to make a rich, smooth, and indulging cup of coffee – all you need is the right coffee maker.


One of the popular coffee makers today is the French press coffee maker; here are a few reasons why countless of true coffee lovers have these types at home:

  • The paper filters take out the oils and the after taste from coffee grounds.
    •    It allows steeping, which gives you a better-tasting coffee.
    •    It gives you the freedom to control the brew time, but still gives you a clean, strong, and ultimately taste of the coffee. Also, there are fewer chances of over-extraction, which makes the French press coffee maker one of the winners.

One of the popular French press coffee makers that is available in the market today is the Kitchen Supreme French press coffee-maker.

Using the French press coffee maker gives you the exact feeling of serving a tea or coffee just like those fancy or popular cafes. The Kitchen Supreme is bundled with the following:

  • Tea, Coffee, and Espresso maker 1 Liter
    •    1 thick stainless steel spoon
    •    4 filter screens
    •    1 coffee or tea scoop
    •    1 copy of useful instruction book and barista’s recipes
    •    Double stainless steel encapsulated lid

There is always the good and bad of Kitchen Supreme’s French press but you know a reliable French press coffee maker when you see one. Here are a few of its features that will make you buy one for home use:

  1. Kitchen Supreme French press coffee maker is manufactured without any hint of plastic.
    2.    It is manufactured using high-quality materials.
    3.    The Kitchen Supreme is made from German Borosilicate glass, which is carefully crafted with double glass, making it strong and unbreakable.
    4.    It is designed with thermal shock-resistant
    5.    Comes with 4 upgraded filter screen system, which allows you to increase the purity of your coffee and tea; the filter screen system also gives you a satiny and delicate texture.
    6.    It is easy to maintain, clean, and use.

The 7.1 x 6.1 x 11.4 inches French press coffee maker is one of the reliable coffee makers of its type that is available in the market today; here are a few reasons from consumers:

  • You get to enjoy a good cup of coffee at the comforts of your home.
    •    You get to experience a rich and smooth coffee due to its 4-filter screen system.
    •    You can make a cup of coffee with the same rich flavors from fancy cafes and some coffee shop.

So, should you buy Kitchen Supreme French press coffee maker?

Why not?

To get additional details about the coffee maker, you can always read honest consumer and product reviews. Also, you may check related posts like this at Coffee Break Essential’s website.

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