Misconceptions of Booking Flight that Are Actually Costing You More

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Many factors affect airline ticket pricing. It can go up and down in a short amount of time. As a result, many travelers look for ways to get the cheapest airfare possible. Unfortunately, some fall in the traps of these misconceptions.


No. 1: Flight to Certain Cities Always Cost More

Some believe that certain locations, such as popular tourist destinations, and big cities have more expensive ticket prices in comparison to smaller places.

Your destination has nothing to do with the airline ticket prices. Airfare increases because of the number of people going to the area. Hence, flights to big cities can go up and down depending on the demand for the flight. Similar happens to smaller cities around the globe. If you want to save more when traveling, be smart on picking a date; start with booking flights during offseason to get cheaper airfare.

No. 2: Booking Flight on Tuesday to Get the Cheapest Airfare

Booking flights on Tuesday to get the cheapest airfare is a misconception. According to a report, booking on Tuesday only applies to around 1.6 percent of domestic flights in the U.S., and only if you book at midnight on the dot. However, you won’t get the cheapest price, only a discount which ranges from $18 to $20 on average.

The smartest way to find cheap airfare is to use various search engines like Google Flight. Also, going to reliable online sources that forecast airfare is helpful. For example, you can check flight deals on JetBlue Airlines by going to Cheep official website.

No. 3: Booking Flight by Group Saves Money

Buying tickets in bulk in the hopes of saving money is false. Not all airlines offer discounts to group travelers. In reality, some airlines charge more per ticket when booking seats for multiple passengers. Therefore, it is better to purchase tickets per passenger or look for airlines that accommodate and accept group reservations.

No. 4: Going Incognito When Searching for Cheap Fare is Helpful

Going incognito or clearing your browsing history won’t affect plane ticket prices. Airlines utilize software that changes prices according to ticket demand. Also, airlines relay this information from their website to countless third-party websites. Consequently, people who are searching on the same flights, at the same time, are looking at the same airfare. But these ticket prices constantly change at any given moment due to demand.

No. 5: Book Flights as Early as Possible

Booking flights at an earlier date does not always mean you could get cheaper airfare. Take note that airlines only manage their domestic fare until 105 days (three-and-a-half months) before departure. Meanwhile, they actively manage tickets for international flights five months before departure.

If you book a flight way earlier than the time when airlines manage their airfare, you will pay more instead of saving money. When it comes to early booking, the ideal time range to book flight is 21 to 105 days before departure.

More Thoughts 

Avoid these misconceptions so you can get a more affordable airfare and save money. And if you have questions on how to look for affordable flights, ask a trustworthy source, like Cheep.

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