RFID: the Latest Wallet Technology

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Do you always carry with your credit cards, passport, and ID? Are you worried about the security of your wallet? A wallet is an essential accessory for both men and women. Using this tool makes it easier for any person to carry his or her cash, credit cards, and ID. Moreover, it keeps everything organized and permits easy access to money and cards. However, though wallets are excellent for practicality and daily use, this accessory could not guarantee the security of your belongings.


Pickpocketing or robbery is a common crime in the city. Robbers usually aim for the cash and credit cards in your wallet. After getting what they want, they use your identity to access your bank account. They can flush out your money in no time especially if you are using a debit card since this type of card has lesser security compared to credit ones. Then, how can you protect yourself from robbers or pick pocketers? Invest in RFID wallets. What is RFID? RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification Devices. It is a type of chip which is embedded in credit cards, passports, and IDs. This chip emits electronic signals wherein another reader can access the credit card and passport information without even taking out the card. Thus, it makes you vulnerable from identity theft without an actual act of robbery. The purpose of RFID wallets is to secure your personal accounts from identity theft.


The latest technology in wallets called RFID blocking system prevents another reader to access your confidential information such as credit card account number and passport details. This RFID protection feature produces passive radio transmitters. These passive transmitters remain inactive unless activated by an RFID reader. Once it notices that a reader is trying to access for information, it sends a strong radio current that blocks the reader’s signal from entering. What are the Wallet Brands with RFID feature? Nowadays, you can find RFID wallets in several sellers and also on the internet.


However, before buying one, be careful about what you choose. Make sure that the wallet you plan to buy has a working RFID feature. Now, to help you in searching for the leading RFID wallets, here are some of the leading brands you can check out.


1. Travelambo Bifold Men’s Wallet

2. Himi Bifold Wallet

3. SimpacX Minimalist Pocket Wallet

4. Polare Bifold Wallet


RFID wallets support in boosting your money and identity security. Thus, to guarantee your safety get one now with the help of Trusted Accessories. The Trusted Accessories is an online site which provides product reviews of the leading brands of RFID wallets in the market today. In addition, they help consumers to select the best wallet through their buying guidelines and unbiased reports. Moreover, if you want to stay updated with the latest wallet technology, this site is the best one to consult. Indeed, they have every information you need when it comes to men’s accessories.

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