Safe Cycling: What Is Wrong With Bicycle Helmet?

Published December 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

8Wearing a helmet or not wear one had been in debate for so long. Although there are several benefits of wearing a helmet when cycling, there are a handful people who go against it. But, what is wrong with wearing a helmet?

According to the statistics, 818 had died last 2015 due to fatal injury from cycling; so what makes wearing helmet wrong? Here are some of the top reasons a why some bike users hesitate to wear a helmet:

  1. It makes them look awful and feel uncomfortable.

The bike helmet can come in different size and shape; even though some of the styles are a bit awkward and uncomfortable to use, it is a fact that each one of them was specifically designed according to their specific bicycling use. For instance, a bike helmet made specifically for the road, the other one is used for city biking, and the last one is used for triathlon or time trial events. So, incorporating nonsense theory about the appearance of the actual bike helmet function will put the biker into possible road risk if riding the bike without any helmet on.

  1. It does not change anything.

Most non-helmet users think that using and not using a bike helmet does not change anything because most of them believe that whenever someone accidentally hits the head to the ground, wearing and not wearing a helmet while riding a bike, will have the same head injury. This theory is nothing but a fallacy. According to several medical practitioners, if someone’s head hits the solid ground, the patient may suffer from serious head and brain injury that could lead to death. Additionally, they also pointed out that these injuries, particularly to young people, may suffer from lifelong incapacitated. So, defying the need to use a helmet, can cause serious to fatal injury.

  1. Using bike helmet can block your vision.

It is a fact that wearing a bike helmet can sometimes block the vision and can affect even your awareness to the surrounding, however, this is only possible if you are using the bike helmet the wrong way. There are several debates about wearing a bike helmet the correct way. So, how should you wear a helmet? According to several experts, you should buy the right helmet for the right bicycling event.

Also, you should choose one with the right size. Additionally, make sure to position your helmet level on your head, lower on your forehead (one to two finger-widths above the eyebrows), lastly, buckle the straps according to your desired tightness. Wearing a helmet is never cumbersome unless you know how to wear it and you choose the right helmet for you. If you want to have a perfect fit helmet, you may look at some the the best mountain bike helmets thoroughly. There is nothing wrong with wearing a helmet, especially if it can save you from fatal injury. Wearing bike helmet when in action is a simple common sense that no one should disregard.

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