Safe Scooter for Kids: How to Choose One

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Is it okay to introduce a scooter to your 6-year-old child?

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Of course it can be introduced a scooter; as long as the scooter is suitable for their age. In fact, you shouldn’t deprive your kids with this kind of activities because of these following reasons:

  • It helps build the child’s self-confidence.
  • It helps develop their motor skills.
  • It is a good alternative for regular exercise.
  • It is the best option as a preparatory when learning how to ride a bicycle.
  • It is fun and can be interactive too, especially when they have playmates with scooters too.

To help you choose a safe scooter for your child, here are some useful tips that you can use:

Tip #1: Choose a beginner scooter

Whether your 3-year old child is now good with his or her motor skills or your 7-year old child isn’t good at this field, for beginners, both age groups deserve a scooter designed for beginners.

There are small scooters that are specifically designed for children at 3 – 5 years, as well as, beginners at 6 – 10 years of age. All you need to do is check the specifications and find if the kick scooter that you have an eye is suitable for your child’s age.

Tip #2: Choose the right numbers of scooter wheels

There are several types of kick scooters in the market according to the number of wheels – from a 4-wheeled scooter to a 2-wheeled scooter – where the fewer the wheels, the older should be. For instance:

  • A 2 to a 3-year old child should be using 4-wheeled scooter; where there are 2 wheels in front and 2 wheels at the rear.
  • A 4 to a 5-year old child can use a 3-wheel scooter, where there is 1 wheel at the front and 2 wheels at the rear.
  • A 5 to a 6-year old child can advance to a two-wheeled scooter, where there is one room for one wheel at the front and one wheel at the rear of the scooter.
  • Children at the age of 6 – 8 may now use advanced 2-wheeled scooters where there are additional features to take note – speed controlling, braking, and overall control.

Again, choosing a scooter for your child will also depend if he or she is a beginner.

Tip #3: Choose an ergonomically designed scooter

If you want your child to be safe when riding a scooter, you should pick a scooter that features ergonomics; meaning, the overall design of the scooter is safe and comfortable to use.

 Tip #4: Choose an easy to steer type of kick scooter

To make your kids learn how to use the scooter properly and safely, pick a scooter that is easy to steer. Do not let your child experience struggles when steering the scooter in another direction. There are a lot of these types of scooters – easy to maneuver, safe to use for kids, and durable. Try to read additional details on this at GUIDECOOL.

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Kick scooters aren’t bad for kids; all you need to do is purchase the right scooter according to his or her age, flexibility, and ability to maneuver the scooter easily.

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