Salary Guide: Top Things That You Probably Did not Know About Minimum Wage

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4The minimum wage is one of the most debated topics throughout the years in any form of industry. In fact, the former president Obama had also acknowledged this continuous and contentious battle in the economy, since the last provision in 2009 of $7.25 per hour. There are states who have increased their minimum rates significantly, which that includes the state of California of $10.50 per hour last January 2017. California is one of the few states who have higher minimum range, which was topped by D.C. of $77.50 per hour. If you are currently a wage earner, below are the top things that you probably did not know about minimum wage:

  1. Minimum wage is not based on age

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 31.7 percent out of the 2.6 million workers in 2016 who are working under a minimum wage per hour is over 35 years old, while 23.3 percent are 25 to 35 years old, and 45 percent are 16 to 24 years old. The huge slice of minimum earners is found working at restaurants with 3.7 million types of workers, 902,400 grocery store employees, 650, 200 works at the department store, 633,100 at the construction, and 562,900 works at an elementary and secondary school. Some are classified part-timers, while others are working full time.

  1. The increase of minimum wage discriminates those with low-skills

While the arguments continue about increasing the minimum wage, experts believe that provisions on wage may push the companies or employers to hire workers with skills and degree holders, which are a pure discrimination to people that are least educated, least skilled, and least experienced.

  1. Not all states have the same minimum wage

Confusingly, the federal law instructs each state the federal minimum wage; however, there are states whose minimum wage is high, while some do not, some have special minimum wage rates. I other words, every state have different minimum wage rate depending on the state’s economic development. Below are some states to have higher minimum wage this 2018:

  • Washington DC- $12.50 per hour o Washington – $11.50 per hour
  • California – $11 per hour
  • Massachusetts – $11 per hour
  • Arizona – $10.50 per hour
  • Vermont – $10.50 per hour o New York – $10.40 per hour
  • Colorado – $10.20 per hour
  • Connecticut – $10.10 per hour
  • Hawaii – $10.10 per hour

If you think you are receiving a salary below the minimum wage rate mandated by the Federal law, you should consult your supervisor. However, if your employer or the company fails to de-escalate the issue, do not hesitate to consult a reliable and trusted lawyer, especially if you are living in a state where there is a significant rate of minimum wage violations. If you are currently looking residing in San Diego, CA, you should get help with unpaid wages in San Diego law firm, such as Walker Law, PC. Every country has their own laws when it comes to minimum wage rate, and most of them are still in debate, whether it should be wise to get an increase or not.

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