Smart Vacuuming: Tips in Vacuuming Pet Hair

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One of the top leading causes of asthma, according to the health reports, is the pet dander; in fact, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, three out of ten people have allergies to cat and dogs.


Fortunately, there are tough, powerful, and reliable vacuum cleaners that are available in the market today, which is a worth the read; having a good-quality vacuum can help you remove, not only the usual home dirt and stain but also the stubborn pet hair and dander that may cause respiratory problems.

However, if you are using one of the most popular and trusted vacuum cleaners, but still having a hard time removing the stubborn pet hair, you are probably vacuuming the dirt the wrong way. To help you out, here are some effective tips in vacuuming pet hair or dander.

Tip #1: Use the attachments

Most of the vacuum cleaners today are designed and constructed with attachments; these attachments are used to ease up your vacuuming tasks, especially when removing stubborn pet hair and stains. Here are a few attachments that your vacuum cleaners must have:

  • The stair attachment – This type of attachment is one of the smallest of its kinds; it is best used for small areas, including carpeted areas that are too small, stairs, and even the curtains.
  • The crevice and rectangle attachment –This type is designed with the long narrow end, which makes it easier to remove dirt and pet hairs at any difficult corners inside the house, including hard-to-reach areas.
  • The brush attachment –Another brilliant attachment that your vacuum should have is the brush attachment; its soft-bristles will allow you to wipe out dirt, however, on hard floor or furniture.
  • The scrubbing attachment –The attachment is not your typical scrubbing material. It is often an answered tool to stubborn pet dander that got stuck within the fibers of the carpet or couch.

Tip #2: Clean it damp

Pet hairs and dander are really difficult to clean off from furniture constructed with fibers; fortunately, there are powerful vacuums that make it easier to remove the stubborn pet hair. However, if in case, using powerful vacuum cleaner is not enough, you have to pre-clean the carpet or couch using your hands that were soaked in water or damp sponge. Then, try removing the pet hair in a downward stroke. After clearing the hairs, you may now finish the task using your vacuum cleaner to ensure that all animal hair strands are efficiently removed.

Tip #3: Choose the right and tough vacuum cleaner

Another basic, yet the most crucial part in cleaning off stubborn pet hair are choosing the right vacuum cleaner. As specified earlier, a good-quality vacuum cleaner will ease up your cleaning tasks, especially if you have to deal with stubborn dirt, stain, and animal dander on your carpeted floor, bed, or the couch. So, choose the right and powerful vacuum cleaner. To start with, try reading reliable reviews and posts on vacuum cleaners that will help you with your vacuuming needs.

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