Squirrel Feeder Buying Guide

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4Installing squirrel feeders in the backyard is one of the best ways to keep squirrels away from the property, as well as from the plantations. These products also help prevent the squirrels from feeding on the food of birds, in case the household has a pet bird. Additionally, many experts say that squirrels have great contributions to the environment. That is because they tend to bury food in the ground during the winter season. At times, they forget to get it and such will grow into a plant.

As time went by, many homeowners started installing squirrel feeders, which made the product more marketable. Hence, many manufacturers started developing their own versions. With that in regard, many homeowners end up buying something that has a low quality. Taking that into consideration, it is recommended that they look into this buying guide so that they can purchase the one that will work best for their own backyard.

Things to Consider

Size of the Squirrel Feeder

As similar to any product being sold on the market, the size of the squirrel feeder is one of the things that people should consider when buying one. The size is dependent on the number of squirrels that is regularly present in the backyard. Hence, people should estimate how many of them they frequently see. Obviously, the more squirrels, the bigger the feeder should be.

Likewise, it also advisable to consider the fact that their number might grow in time. Hence, they should at least multiply the number of squirrels by two. By doing so, they no longer have to add more feeders when the squirrels start to increase in number.

Physical Structure of the Feeder

Squirrel feeders come in different designs like picnic-table-like, house shape, and more. Thus, people will not run out of cute and cool choices. In relation to such, they should the one that best suits the design of their home and outdoor living space. If they have a country home design, then they should choose one that has the same vibe as it is.

People should also consider the material that has been used in constructing the product. Since such will be installed outside, the ones that are made of metal and cedar wood are good choices. That is because both of them can withstand rain, snow, and extreme heat. They also do not contain any preservatives, coating, and other chemicals that may pose danger to the squirrels.

Customer Experience

As similar to buying any other products, squirrel feeder buyers should always make sure that they check reviews of the best squirrel feeders and testimonials from previous buyers. That will give them an idea of the first-hand experiences of the customers. Hence, they already know what to expect from the product, and will help them decide if the product is worth buying or not.

Final Words

Buying and installing squirrel feeders are a great idea to make the backyard look more pleasing to the eye, as well as prevent squirrels from damaging the property. However, since such products will be visible, people should also make sure that they buy one that has high quality and looks good.


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