The Benefits of Magic Mushroom Tea

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Magic mushroom has become more popular over the past few years. The shroom hype snowballed in a short time due to online sources and social media. And now, it is one of the most sought out substances aside from cannabis, kratom, and other similar substances.
Magic Mushroom Tea

What is it?

Magic mushrooms (also known as shroom) contain psilocybin. It is a hallucinogenic compound that induces a psychoactive state. History shows that shrooms were used as an alternative medicine to pain and psychological problems. The substance is also utilized in spiritual activities.

Today, shroom is a substance used to treat after-effects of cancer treatment and supports in treating chronic stress, depression, and PTSD. Currently, the pharmacological and medical industries are working together to find out more about the potential health benefits of the substance.

How to Take Magic Mushroom?

Shroom is available in online dispensaries, like The Fun Guys. You can find a wide variety of this product from fresh, dried, capsules, to edibles. Likewise, you’ll get countless recipes on how to make the shroom more enjoyable. But among these options, one of the best ways to take magic mushroom is by preparing it as tea.

Why Choose Magic Mushroom Tea?

If you are new to shrooms, one thing you must know is that this substance does not have the best taste. Chances are it is not suitable for your palate and might even induce gag reflexes.

Magic mushroom tea is the best way to mask the flavor of shrooms. It is easier to stomach the substance in this form and tastes smoother. Additionally, you are free to choose which flavor to add to your tea. For example, you can add citrus, lemon, orange juice, or honey to make it more flavorful and delicious. You can also find recipes online teaching you how to make mushroom tea using stock. Your option is limitless.

Beware when using citrus as a flavoring to your tea. Citrus, including oranges and lemons, increases the metabolism of psilocybin. Therefore, it boosts the potency of the substance and might cause ‘bad trips’ for beginners. Always follow your micro-dosing guideline to ensure the strength and effect of the substance. You can learn more about shroom dosing here at The Fun Guys.

Taking shroom tea prevents stomach upset. It is another reason why shroom tea is preferable compared to taking it fresh or dried. The liquid form of psilocybin is gentler on the stomach and helps you enjoy more the substance.

Shroom tea also reduces the strength of psilocybin. Furthermore, it is easier to control the potency of the substance in this manner rather than consuming it raw. Therefore, there are fewer chances of bad hallucinations, disorientation, and insomnia when you take magic mushroom tea.

Lastly, shroom tea is easy to prepare. You can prepare it by yourself at home. But remember to be cautious of the dosing.


Magic mushroom tea is ideal for shroom beginners. You can enjoy the benefits and effects of psilocybin without experiencing side-effects. Plus, you can customize your drink as much as you want.

Shroom tea is only one way to enjoy psilocybin. To find out other methods of taking psilocybin, check out The Fun Guys.

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