The Bold and Daring Motocross Riders

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They are among the most adventurous and daring players in the sports world. They enjoy high adrenalin and thrilling action. They are highly-skilled, energetic, fast and ferocious! They are the daring motocross riders! Experience the adventure and feel the thrill as you explore the exciting world that only their league defy.


Motocross – Adventure Sports

Even from its early beginnings, adventurism and daring were already the distinctive ingredients of the sport. Motocross began as motorcycle trials which tested the speed and skills of the riders (motorcycle drivers) on off-road, cross-country courses and natural trails.

If you think motor car racing on paved circuits is thrilling, what about racing on two wheels on off-road courses without the benefit of protection provided for in a car?

The motorcycle trials were later on replaced by scrambles which made the sport more challenging as the riders raced together with other riders to determine the fastest rider. Scrambles were also held on off-road, dirt routes. As scrambles racing grew in popularity, new challenges were introduced and riders improved their skills. The race courses were, later on, shortened and enclosed, although remaining outdoors. More twists and turns, jumps and obstacles were included in the circuits. The sport would be known as motocross (MX), which is short for motorcycle cross-country racing.

Motocross Forms

As the popularity of motocross rose, the level of competition also rose. The sport evolved into different forms and categories, and various events were organized:

  • International events were held, pitting not only individual riders but teams of nations against each other.
  • Different race categories, depending on the type and power of the machines (such as 250 cc or 500 cc displacements), were introduced. Thus, motocross riders specialized in specific categories.
  • Certain motocross events were, later on, held indoors in auditoriums with artificial dirt tracks and obstacles. These race competitions are called Supercross.
  • Another form of motocross was developed and called Supermoto which is racing off-road motorbikes on a combination of dirt tracks and paved roads.
  • One form of motocross does not involve racing. Instead, the riders compete with their skills in jumping their motocross bikes on ramps or ridges and performing acrobatic stunts while in the air. This form of motocross is called Freestyle Motocross and is classified as an extreme sport.

With the different forms and events of motocross, the riders developed into different kinds and categories.

Motocross Riders and Events

Some of the most notable riders, and the events they join, are as follows:

Motocross (MX) and Supercross (SX):

  1. Antonio Cairoli (Italy)
  2. Chad Reed (Australia)
  3. James Stewart, Jr. (U.S.A.)
  4. Ryan Villopoto (U.S.A.)

Freestyle Motocross (FX):

  1. Nate Adams (U.S.A.)
  2. Taka Higashino (Japan)
  3. Travis Pastrana (U.S.A.)
  4. Tom Pages (France)

In any motocross kind or event, you will surely experience extreme excitement and fun that only motocross riders can provide. In addition, if you want to be like as great as the above-mentioned, you need lots and lots of practice. It’s easy to imagine yourself riding a motorcycle and doing all those twists, turns, and jumps, but actually doing those is different from what you may have envisioned. Even kickstarting your ride becomes an art. Hence, if you want to be a good MX rider, just try this. Take baby steps until you’re confident enough that you can be like the eight people mentioned above.

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