The Proper Way of Using the Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer

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10A product called the Usha Techne Direct garment steamer is an addition to a vast number of steamers that are capable of doing horizontal and vertical straightening of fabric creases and wrinkles. It is a product that is known for being sleek, lightweight, durable, and portable. It is also very easy to maneuver because of its handle’s design, as well as due to its swivel cord that can be twisted at a maximum of 360 degrees angle.


This product is also popular for its water tank that has a capacity of 200 millimeter that is capable of producing 21 grams of steam per minute. Thus, it can also be used an effective germ buster. However, for it to be able to fulfill its functionality efficiently, people should make sure that they use it properly. Also, they also have to always keep the product properly maintained.


Vertical Steaming Technique Step One: Preparation


The very first thing that users should do is to attach the fabric brush into the head of the garment steamer. After which, the water inlet cover should be carefully opened. After which, it should be filled with water to a level not exceeding the “Max” mark. When done filling the tank with water, the cover should be properly and securely closed.


Then, the product should be plugged into the proper outlet. At this point, the power indicator should light up which means that the product is already on and is starting to heat up. In order to ensure that the power is evenly distributed, the user should press the steam button until the right amount of steam is produced and the light indicator switches off.


Step Two: Wrinkle and Crease Removal


While the fabric is hanging, the user should pull the item so that it will look a little tight. After that, using the other hand, the garment steamer should be lightly pressed on the fabric while making an up and down movement and continuously press the steam button. Nevertheless, if the fabric is too sensitive to heat, the user may choose not to press it against the cloth. Continue doing so until all sides have been straightened.


In case the water starts to run out, the product should be switched off and refilled with water. After which, the pre-heating procedure mentioned in step one should also be done.


Step Three: After Care


After all the clothing have been ironed or steamed, the product should be unplugged and placed in an area safe from anyone, as well as free from objects that may burn when heated. Once the product cools down, the water remaining in the tank should be removed. Likewise, the head should be detached from the product’s head. Also, wipe the product dry before keeping it.


Final Thoughts


Using the Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer is as simple as it sounds but care should still be taken since this is an electrically operated product. Although it is equipped with Anti-overheat systems, people should still always take precautionary measures by following safety guidelines and user instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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