The Top Common Mistakes When Using a Blender that you Should Avoid

Published November 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Blenders are one of the indispensable kitchen devices in modern homes today. However, even the easiest and most convenient kitchen tool has tough days too, especially when used inappropriately, causing the device to lose its function.


If you think you know everything about how a blender works, think again, because there are blending practices that you are probably doing right now that you really should avoid; here are the top common mistakes when using a blender:

1. Popping all the ingredients at once

One of the biggest and common mistakes that everyone is guilty about is blending all the ingredients altogether, causing the blade to malfunction. As a result, this makes your smoothie lumpy due to the inefficiently chopped or pulverized ingredients.

To avoid this, you should learn how a blender works. In most cases, blenders function properly as long as you follow the proper blender processes;

•    Pop in the liquid forms such as the yogurt, water, milk, or juice.
•    Add in the smaller ingredients such as the diced soft fruits (mango, banana, and more)
•    And on the top of the blender, it should be the larger ingredients, including the ice cubes.

Through this, you do not need to do much stirring just to mix all the ingredients properly.

2. Adding an unreasonable amount of water

Everyone knows that the quantity of water or liquid added can affect the consistency, taste, the quality, and the nutritional value of the smoothie. Also, too much liquid may end up your smoothie too lumpy or watery.

Remember that there are ingredients that tend to dilute fast, for instance, ice cubes or frozen ingredients; so, adding an unreasonable amount of water may cause the ice cubes or frozen ingredients to thaw. If this happens, your smoothies will end up chunky, lumpy, and bland.

3. Not cleaning the blender right after using

One of the nastiest habits that almost everyone is guilty of doing is not cleaning the blender right after using. This habit creates a good place for the bacteria to live. Plus, the leftovers inside the jar may harden, making it difficult to clean.

4. Not checking if all the parts of the machine fit perfectly

Another thing that you need to watch out is not checking the parts of the device if it is properly fitted; this is one of the reasons why some blenders easily overheat and get broken without you knowing the exact reason.

5. Leaving the machine unplugged

Even if you do not have enough time, you should not forget to unplug the blender; it is a big no-no. There are several blender users who often forget to unplug their blenders; one of the common reports of accidental short circuits, causing fire.

So, make sure to unplug the kitchen device before anything bad happens.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of common mistakes when using the blender, causing various damages to the kitchen device. If you want to keep your blender for a longer period of time, you should know how to maintain the device well.

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