The Wheel Deal

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It is a generally accepted fact that the first wheel came to be approximately 3500 B.C. This mother lode of early human ingenuity quickly spread across Eurasia & the Middle East. The exact birthplace of the wheel has never really been established.


One widely accepted theory is one that points to the Tripolyte. There are linguistic markers that point to one of the ancient tribes, the Tripolyte, of present day Ukraine as the most likely point of origin for the wheel. Point in fact for the theory linking the Tripolyte to the invention of the wheel is that if you take a close look at words linked to wheels and wagons you will notice roots tracing it back to Tripolyte language and culture. In addition, historical records in the form of miniature toy wheeled wagons also provide strong supporting evidence for fans of the Tripolyte connection.

Arguably, the invention of the wheel served as the catalyst to many of the modern day innovations. The wheel, in its many forms and various capabilities has become absolutely indispensable in keeping the literal and figurative wheels of our highly dynamic and fast paced society grinding.

Can you imagine one day where the trusty wheel, with its limitless capacity to ease our lives, ceases to exist? Distances that you can now traverse in the blink of an eye at a moment’s notice would become tedious endeavors requiring you to expend more effort than what you are most probably used to.

The wheel is critical to so many aspects of our lives. The wheel has evolved and can now be found in most of our modes of transportation. Do take note that even planes that fly first need to have wheels to successfully take off. Huge trucks need wheels especially built to withstand the tons of load they drive from one city to the next, from one state to the next.

However it is in the city streets that the average person can best appreciate the value of the wheel as it is an inescapable part of our daily commute. It doesn’t matter if you choose to take a bus, a car or a taxi cab. The wheel is an integral part of all this, still at the center of all these vehicles propelling us forward.

However, nowadays there is a ubiquitous upstart that seems to be popping up more and more in city sidewalks across the globe. Have you met the portable electric scooter? The best folding electric scooters for your money can smoothly zip you around rush hour traffic and save you the time and money spent worrying about parking space. In this day and age of heightened social consciousness the electric scooter is touted as an environmentally friendly alternative to its bulkier, gas guzzling counterparts. This eco-friendly mode of transportation is gaining traction worldwide as society actively searches for ways to lessen the impact of human activity to Mother Nature.

As an alternative form of transportation the electric scooter has cornered a loyal following that is forecasted to grow over the years. The electric scooter comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and capabilities. It is yet another marvelous utilization of the wheel.

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