Things to Know About Cosplay

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2People have a varied definition of fun. They have different hobbies and interests. They do these to entertain themselves, to showcase their talent, or to do something productive. Among the list of fun things to do, cosplay would definitely be one of the top spots. Who doesn’t want to become an image of their favorite character even just for a few hours? Who doesn’t want to be like their idol? Cosplay is taking your idolizing skills to the next level. If you’re not content with buying merchandise of your favorite anime show, movie and TV programs and series, and you want to live the life of the character itself, you would love cosplay.


A cosplay comes from the two words; costume and play which is self-explanatory as to its meaning. You play or have fun by dressing up or wearing costumes. It is a term used in Japan a few decades ago but has currently become popular all over the globe. Although wearing costumes portraying a fiction character started a lot of year’s way back, it is in Japan where the word cosplay was given birth. This is probably due to the fact that Japan is also the cradle of anime characters. People love anime, not just the Japanese. Their love for the show makes them to be on the show, or to live a life the same as the show. Because of this love and admiration for the show and the character itself, people have decided to wear costumes designed exactly as what the character is wearing. As the world evolves, different cosplay ideas were introduced. From anime characters to movie actors, people all over the world love to dress up like their favorite actors and characters.


Cosplay is an art, and it could be an exciting one. People would invest a lot of their time, money and creativity in this art. Some even consider cosplay as one of their professions. It requires hard work, a lot of creative juices and even financial investment. People who dig in this hobby have to spend hours thinking about new cosplay ideas that they would embody or enact. They have to spend a lot of time doing their own costume or finding the exact replica. They have to spend money for all of these materials. Cosplay is not an easy thing to do especially if you lack any of the three. Although you may have the time and idea for it if you don’t have the money to buy the materials or the ready-made costume, you still cannot enjoy this hobby. Cosplayer is the term for people who do cosplay. They are the people who invest their time, money and effort for this art. What they do may not be understood or appreciated by others, but this art is a profession for some. Cosplay is more than just mimicking a character from a show. It is something that gives immense joy to their hearts and even meaning to their lives.

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