Tips in Choosing the Best Cannabis Grow Light

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2There are many factors that should be considered when growing high-quality cannabis indoors. In order to get the best out of the weed, you would need to invest in the light and heat system, watering, soil, temperature, pest control and fertilizer. Light is THE most important when growing cannabis. It should be the first thing that you would need to spend time on. Light is what helps the photosynthesis process of the plant. That means that the plant would not grow or develop without the right amount of light. When you are growing indoors, the possibilities of getting natural light is close to zero, especially if you want to be discreet about your hobby. Since plants are naturally made for outdoor growing, you would need to bring in as much of the outside as possible, including light. Here are some tips you might need when choosing what light you would get for your weed growing.

Tip 1: Choose Light With Full Spectrum

Having a wide spectrum of light is the best choice for weed growers. This is because you would have all the colors of light you would need to make sure that your plants would grow as you want them to be. However, if you want to use light that does not have a full spectrum, you would need to consider the stage of which your plants are in. The vegetative stage or the stage when the weed starts to grow stems and small leaves would need more blue and white lights than any other color. And during the flowering stage, you would need to switch to red, orange and yellow lights.

Tip 2: Choose The Right Intensity

Intensity is the power that is emitted by your light source. Some beginner growers always make the mistake of putting too much light, thinking that it would grow faster. However, this perception is not quite right. Although the cannabis plant would need as much light as it can get, having certain indoor lights in excess would produce too much heat. Note that the temperature of the room should also be regulated. You would need to choose a light that does not produce large amounts of heat, ut would be giving you all the illumination you need for your plants. You would also need to consider the strain of cannabis you are growing. If you are going to grow ones that do not fruit or flower, you would not need intense lights. However, you would need much higher intensity if you would be growing cannabis strains that fruit and flower.

Tip 3: Choose Light That Uses Up Less Energy

The higher the energy your light uses, the higher your electrical bill will be. You would need to turn on the lights for hours on end, even the whole day in certain stages of the growing process. With that much light you would be using, your consumption of electricity would skyrocket. If you do not want to be paying more than what you are getting from your plants, choose lights that use up lesser energy than the others. Now that you have knowledge on what you would be checking when purchasing lights for growing weed, you might want to check out some recommended lights at .


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