Tips on How to Brew a Good Cup of Coffee Using Coffee Maker

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Every person has their taste when it comes to coffee. With that being said, it is best to learn how to perfect your coffee rather than spending money on coffee shops. By learning how to prepare your favorite beverage, you can save more and have the pleasure of making your daily cup of coffee at home.

The fundamentals of coffee brewing include the equipment, roasts, and origin of beans and the preparation method. Below are the basic steps on how to brew a classic coffee.

#1 Complete the Tools for Brewing

Gather the correct tools for brewing coffee. If you don’t have a coffee maker, now is the right time to invest one.

When it comes to searching for a coffee maker, make sure to pick out one with high-grade quality. Moreover, choose a coffee maker that came from durable and safe materials. You can check out sources like the to find out the latest best-seller coffee makers in the market.

If you already have a coffee maker, make sure the machine is in top shape. Remove old coffee grounds and excess debris on the machine. Coffee grounds and coffee oil that accumulated on the filter will make the coffee taste bitter and rancid.

Aside from a coffee maker, you will need a bean grinder and filters. Similar to the former, check the machine’s condition. Make sure the equipment is working well.

#2 Choose the Right Beans

A coffee’s quality depends on the beans. The bean’s origin and variety can affect the coffee’s taste. Also, you have to consider the roast of the beans. Take note that different roasting styles offer a unique taste. Thus, check first if the roast suits your taste.

#3 Pick Out Fresh-Roasted Coffee

Fresh-roasted coffee is the best. As much as possible, purchase coffee beans after it is roasted. Then, store it correctly to keep it fresh and preserve its flavor.

Once you’ve got your fresh-roasted coffee, grind it as close to the brew time for maximum freshness. The ideal grinder for coffee beans is burr or mill grinder because of coffee ground consistency. Meanwhile, a blade grinder grounds coffee beans more finely.

Coffee beans ground too fine tastes bitter. On the other hand, a coffee tastes flat when the grind is too coarse and the beans are under-extracted.

#4 Brewing Time

Use filtered or bottled water for brewing. The advisable coffee-to-water ratio is one to two tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of water. The experts call this as the ‘Golden Ratio.’ You can adjust the coffee and water ratio depending on your taste.

When brewing, the water temperature must be between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water reaches the desired temperature, let it contact the coffee grounds for two to four minutes. The brewing time usually depends on the type of coffee you are preparing. If you are making an espresso, the brew time is only twenty to thirty seconds.

After brewing, immediately serve the coffee to ensure the best taste.

More Advice

Do you have more questions about coffee brewing? If you want to learn more tips and advice on how to brew a coffee, check out the Kitchen Perks Up.

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