Top Choice Guitar Amplifiers from Monoprice

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Begin your journey in guitar playing with a quality amplifier by Monoprice. Check out the high-rated guitar amps from Monoprice right here. 

Stage right amp

Monoprice is one of the fastest-growing names in this market. They began in 2002 and have built a stellar reputation over the years for serving with excellence. In a short span, the brand became a global name associated with affordable electronics and accessories. Until today, Monoprice is true to their word; they “…exist to bring simplicity, fairness, and confidence to technology choices.” And their guitar amplifiers are no exception.

A guitar amp is basic music equipment that every guitarist, either beginner or professional, should have. It provides more depth, enhances the tone, and adds more color to the guitar’s sound. As you have seen from many guitarists, they also use amplifiers to experiment with their style and make every performance unique and lively.

If you are new to guitar amps, the best way to start is to go with Monoprice. They have a wide variety of this equipment suitable for different music genres and skill levels. Below are the top choice guitar amps from Monoprice that you shouldn’t miss.

#1 Monoprice 611815 1x 12 Guitar Combo Tube Amp

The 611815 1 x 12 Guitar Combo Tube Amp is a model under Monoprice’s stage right amp product line. Though it has classic features, the amplifier offers superior guitar tone and versatile. It has a power of 15W and comes with a 1 x 12 guitar combo tube with a Celestion speaker and spring reverb. Therefore, you can assure the amp has a long-range sound projection that is perfect for big indoor playing and outdoor.

Moreover, the amplifier section uses 3 ECC83/12AX7 preamplification tubes and 2 EL84 power tubes, which produces the warm and soothing sounds of retro music. The 611815 can also handle frequencies between 80Hz to 10 kHz with a noise level below -75dB

#2 Monoprice 611705 1 x 8 Guitar Combo Tube Amp

The 6117051 Stage Right Amp has almost similar features to 6118151. However, this option has a lower wattage rating and guitar combo tube amp compared to the former.

Monoprice’s 6117051 uses a 5W tube power amp and a Celestion speaker. Additionally, the amp also has an ECC83/12AX7 preamplification tube and a 6v6 GT power tube. It can hold frequencies from 80Hz to 10 kHz.

When it comes to durability and versatility, 6117051 has more to offer. It produces good dynamic range and harmonic distortion. This option is a good selection for all electric guitars.

#3 Monoprice611800 1 x 10 Guitar Combo Amp 

If you are searching for a high-powered amp for electric guitars, consider the 611800 Stage Right amp by Monoprice.

This amp uses 40W power to drive a 10 inches 4-ohm speaker. It features a spring-reverb that captures the classic tone present in vintage music. The reverb is also useful for electronic music production. This feature likewise enhances the depth and darkness of overtones in your sound.

The EQ controls, reverb, and distortion level of the amp are adjustable. It allows you to experiment with your style and enhance the quality of your sound.

The 611800 has a higher price compared to the former options listed above. If you are low on the budget, a good alternative to this option is Monoprice 611720, which is compatible with electric guitars.

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